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Why post the possibles list? Half the names aren't confirmed. To get listeners to watch by throwing out a bunch of popular streamers or to shame the streamers into going on the show?
Half those people like Rand, Andy and Kyler and Bibble were already being banned constantly from trovo. Devon Stack also wasn’t banned but he’s standing in solidarity with Groyper fags.

Any updates on the 24 hour fuck trovo stream?
There is a seperate thread for it.


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Gator slobbering all over his master's micro dick is so pathetic, he does it on the show and on twitter but there's something about him doing it through DMs to help Ralph justify whatever dumb shit he does and enable him that just makes it more pathetic than usual.
Grow a spine you luchador mask wearing gimp.

Anyway, so Ralph is having some sort of issue with May but she "loves [him] so much it's crazy" and he threw some sort of tantrum? Which then Gator tries to justify by telling his master it's not his fault, it's because he's depressed and needs to be on vacation gambling some more.

Hmmm, maybe Gator is working on trying to accelerate Ralph's downfall, after all, him enabling Ralph constantly is one of the reasons for the original pillstream and other major events. He just does is it in such a pathetic way that it is impossible to have any respect for him.

Edit: I had missed Gator saying that it gets bad when he gets angry, lol what? Like when you whined about your twitter account being yeeted for hours on end and sounded like whiny faggot? Is that the "bad" gator? Or is it the gator that runs away from every confrontation and blocks people? what a faggot.