The Kpop thread. - LEGGO

Only thing gayer than Kpop superfans is ultra Kpop haters. Imagine being moved to anger and disgust over what amounts to glossy pop music.

That said, superfan checking in here. Got into the fandom via Red Velvet a few years ago. Went to Korea, an M Countdown taping, saw Shinee when they came to North America and again in Japan, etc.

The new Twice song is fantastic. Perfect way to nudge their concept a little more mature to match their age while still keeping their trademark fun factor. Black Eyed Pilseung have really been on a crazy run re: production credits lately, seems like everything they touch goes to #1 or top 10 at minimum.

Conversely, I like Blackpink good enough but man, if YG wants to cover his ass in the ongoing Seungri shitstorm, was the best they could do really a song that sounded like it was salvaged from deep in Teddy's hard drive in a folder called "\2NE1\DEMO2015"? I get what they're doing by making a splashy hard hitting trap beat song that gets people hype and putting a shit ton of english in it to advance what seems to be their attempt to make the group a for-real thing in the USA... but idk, this isn't my idea of K-Pop reaching a greater potential.

Favorite rookie song lately might be this. Feels like a more laid-back Orange Caramel type of sound/concept.


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