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Due to a recent rise in alt-right antikpop/semitic sentiment on this board, I have worked with the mod team to make a new rule for this thread. Only true kpop fans are allowed to post here now. Thank you.

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Sullis visual is just mesmerizing, I love it, her and Krystal were the prettiest out of all the f(x) members imo. I was surprised to hear that she got bullied for her height and her
body shape, shes slender and proportionate and she is not even freakishly tall or anything, she got measured on one of those korean talkshows at 169.8 cm (5'7 in exceptional individual units).


Either way, RIP. She's in a better place now.
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I really love the early 10's style "box" MV's, I know they got a lot of flack after a while but it really is such a distinctive kpop look. 2011-13 was a great span of time just on the music side of things as well, too bad these groups weren't able to endure but the songs sure do.

Newer song that I just heard this week, I fucking love it

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