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I also like to think the parents were a big influence on their daughter when she broke up with Amber. Seems logical that if you have an only child who is also... Special that you overprotect to the point of financially support her freeloader girlfriend, you wouldn't be blind to the problem of having that monster so close.
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Krystle supposed to visit Amber, after Destiny had broken up with her and moved in with Dana, but she ended up not going because her parents said no?


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Dude, lurk the threads. I really don't mean to be rude but to start a thread just to ask your own personal questions, most of which can be found in the General Discussion thread, is not the best etiquette for this sub-forum. There's even a search bar up at the top of every page that could have answered probably all of your questions.

You spent 24 hours lurking? Did you time yourself? kidding. If you need to ask if Amber met Becky online, you shouldn't be starting threads.
There seems to be lots of gossip and some snippets of info that are 97% factual with some mistruths being shared that sometimes need correcting or debating. I find it hard to keep up with Hamber's lies and what is factual and what isn't. If I broke some rule, I apologize, but I wanted more clarification on the whole Krystle-Hamber relationship. I see that it was nothing but a glorified friendship with a check attached to it, which is why Krystle looked so different from her usual rogues gallery.

But yeah, dude. Duly noted.

people wondered if she had some type of fall out with Krystle since one year she sent a box of 25 Christmas gifts (that Becky wrapped) and then last year she said she didn't send anything. I wonder if Becky still talks to Nena... I think that's still the weirdest thing that Krystle gets Becky's ex girlfriend so she is still in AL's orbit. Does Nena watch after Krystle now? Is she behaving so she can use the family like AL did?


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Let's play what do we know...

Amber met Krystle while she was still with Kasey, said she was in an "open relationship"

Amber asked Krystle to buy her the snake bite piercings and an ipod touch and complained when the money didn't get there fast enough for the snakebites, and that the ipod didn't have enough GB. There's a video with the messages linked in the main thread.

Krystle visited Amber while she was with Kasey and they went to an Anime convention.

Krystle paid for Amber's plane ticket and taxi to the Airport. We don't know how many seats she had to buy... when Amber decided on a whim she didn't want to live with Kasey anymore and she was gone in a flash. (from one of Kasey's younows)

Krystle doesn't work, Amber has never said exactly why, it's probably because she's on disability for Autism

Amber appropriated everything in Krystle's home as hers, giving tours of her fridge, calling the dog and cats, her dog and cats, and even asked to take the family cat Charlie (who was in his teens) when she was moving out.

Krystle's parents paid Amber 1000 dollars a month allowance while she lived with them and paid for her phone, and she got food stamps. She bragged about this to Aunt Tammy. They still paid for Amber's phone until Destiny started paying for her phone, but she told Aunt Tammy she was proud to be paying for her own phone. (the phone may still be under Destiny's family plan because Amber venmos Destiny regularly for the phone bill)

The trip was supposed to be Amber visited Krystle and Krystle was going to visit Amber too in one huge mega trip, but it turned out to just be at Krystle's house, while Krystle's parents were conveniently out of town, and during this trip, Krystle's girlfriend Nena Becky's ex, (who Amber set up with Krystle) ended up sending Amber a boob pic. No hard feelins tho.

Kasey said he had text evidence that Amber said she hit Krystle, but he no longer has it.

Krystle and Amber slept in the same bed after they broke up

Krystle's parents happily boxed up Amber's things (after Amber packed the boxes too heavy for anyone to lift) and mailed her some of her things after she couldn't get it all in Destiny's grandma's car when Destiny came to take her away.
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Krystle's parents paid Amber 1000 dollars a month allowance while she lived with them
(the phone may still be under Destiny's family plan because Amber venmos Destiny regularly for the phone bill
Amber is now using Becky's plan. She made a video to brag about their (both her and Becky got one) new IPhones and she shared the news that she wasn't on Destiny's plan anymore.

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