The Last of Us: Part 2 - Kill them all, Ellie. Kill them all.


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with the most recent trailer, who wants to bet Naughty Dog is going to try and portray a dilemma where Ellie agonizes over she needs to procreate to spread her immunity via her children, but she prefers to smash her snatch into pussies?
That'd actually be very interesting so I doubt it's ever coming up.


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Ellie grew up to be a homely lesbian. And after years of violence and murder, probably like Mattie Ross at the end of True Grit.

The gameplay looks alright. I like the stealth whistling mechanic.


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I'm a little worried about this one. Lines like "It's not about love it's about hate" make me concerned it's going to be mostly smug agenda pushing instead of being a fun game.

Also Joel is absolutely going to die. No way they're going to allow a filthy cis male to share the spotlight with Ellie.

I honestly feel a little bad for the people who are championing the lesbian kiss when it's already been spelled out that Ellie's girlfriend is gonna die- Ellie wears her bracelet in the gameplay, the theme of the game is about hatred, and Ellie swears vengeance on the Fireflies in the first trailer. She's being set up as Ellie's Sarah- someone who dies early on just to make the protagonist sad. I think they call it the "Bury Your Gays," trope? Either way, it's lazy writing.

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On the one hand, Naughty Dog's CEO managed to permanently convince me that this is some petty woke-marketing shit rather than the honest and uncoerced creative decision of a writer after his "I bravely defended my womyn employees from this evil neckbeard tendie eater playtester who tried to katana massacre us for including wammen in games" interview (which was iirc, amusingly punctuated a while later by accusations he ignored sexual harassment against his female employees), but on the other hand it means more quality animated lesbian porn so either way everyone wins

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As advanced as the CGI technology gets, I still know I'm looking at a cartoon.

The more they try to make them look actually human, the creepier the result.
Something I've noticed with this generation in particular is the way people move. It looks wayyy more cartoony than it did last gen, and it comes off looking more wrong.

I remember playing Uncharted 4 and I couldn't help but feel the game just animated weirdly compared to the first three games. It looked nice sure, but when it was in movement it felt weightless and more fake. I'm getting the same vibe from this trailer too; the way everyone moves just looks wrong, especially compared to the first game.

I dunno, it's like with Naughty Dog's PS3 output, the animations felt heavier and more realistic, but as the graphics got better Naughty Dog lost that weighty feeling in the movements.
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