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Don't write about pee-oh-cee as a white author, get accused of rayycism
Write about pee-oh-cee as a white author, get accused of rayycism

Which one is it?
When in doubt, just accuse someone of being a racist if they point out the elephant in the room:

Who would’ve thought that woke fiction doesn’t sell very well because most people like reading fantasy stories so they can get away from real life problems?
I have no idea what "intersectional author of color" means


I'm not mad at anyone, honest.
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How long have I waited...

Don't write about pee-oh-cee as a white author, get accused of rayycism
Write about pee-oh-cee as a white author, get accused of rayycism

Which one is it?
Humans should stop writing about cats. As a human, you shouldn't be writing about those characters in the first place. You aren't a cat, you've never lived their culture. We need more actual cat writers.

Meanwhile, the avatar is of an obvious male telling a woman what to do.

Wow, what a fag.


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It's just stupid. It should be all about how good the story is. Decades down the line, people can only go by what's on the pages of the book, not the melanin content of the writer's skin and what genitals they have.
I've seen this pop up elsewhere. I knit, so I've seen that go to shit in recent months due to some POC who has spent too much time operating under the assumption that every white person who writes about other cultures is doing it to be racist finding a white woman's new year's post about going to India. It essentially ignited a race war online, with people tearing into her so much she came out and apologized. It honestly read as if she was torn into so much that she folded under pressure. I saw a blog post where a white person asks why we can't focus on the craft instead of the crafters. I agreed--I don't give a shit the race of who made something, if it looks nice I'm fine with it. They were literally told 'fuck off' by a POC (maybe the same one who called out the original post) and other POCs rallied behind this person. It was fucking insanity.

My point is, I can see that happening here and honestly, I'm shocked it hasn't. I don't give a shit what color skin the author of this book I'm reading has, if it's a good book I'll read it and if it's a bad book I won't. I guarantee you everyone has read a book in the past where they had no idea what race the person writing it was. And you know what? It doesn't fucking matter. Honestly, reading is sort of supposed to be escapism. Didn't someone say here that people don't want some serious and woke book when they're just wanting to escape those issues for a bit?

Not everything has to be about race. Good fucking god.
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Translation: “This person wrote something I didn’t like, so let’s get this person fired from their job!”
I am not at all surprised by this. I know of Trump supporters who, when it was discovered, were reported to their boss. The story I know the most about, the boss was his best friend (and also a Trump supporter) and essentially told the complainant to go fuck himself.


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So I didn't catch this sooner, but the author of the 'My Brother's Name is Jessica' book is John Boyne. The one who wrote The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Heart's Invisible Furies, both of which were critically acclaimed. The latter was lauded as one of the best books of 2017 and focuses on a gay man throughout his life. Boyne is gay himself. But, you know, he's totally a terrible person and not an ally at all (according to Twitter randos).


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That's because he's white. It's the luck o' the Irish!
So essentially he's the wrong type of ally.

Honestly, I can see the issue with the cover. It does misgender the trans brother and I can see how that's an issue. But he only did it as what is essentially clickbait. If I saw a book that said 'My Sister's Name is Jessica' I'd roll my eyes and wonder why the hell I needed to know this, and, if the title is that unordinary, I probably would assume that the book isn't that good. but seeing that their brother's name is Jessica is intriguing and makes me want to look at the dust jacket for more info on it.

Oh, and he wrote that too, to celebrate the release.
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With how much they shove it onto everyone, they deserve it. It's interesting how 'colored person' is a horrible thing to call them because (I guess) it hearkens back to segregation, but calling them a 'person of color' is totally different.
I've posted this comic strip in other threads, but it always bears repeating, especially since it's from 19-freaking-88.



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Wow. I'm not sure what to make of this. The book doesn't look like my cup of tea, but, like, I kinda feel bad enough for him now that I want to buy it out of pity. On one hand, he just wanted a friendly discussion and to promote his book. On the other, he went to Twitter for it.
I’ve been called vulgar names, mocked for my appearance, my looks, my weight, my sexuality, and even for the crime of being bald.
So people who want to virtue signal for the LGBT community are also making fun of a member of the LGBT community for being gay. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable reaction.

Also, I would at least in part blame the trans community. To use their own logic, inaction is just as bad as action. So they didn't step in to support him and say 'Hey, this is fine. Leave him alone' and are therefore guilty by association. Honestly, the sane trans people (who are doing it because they truly have dysphoria) would probably side with him. I've heard horror stories of how trans people are treated by their family after coming out. From what I saw in that essay he did that I posted yesterday it seems like it's going to be a decent portrayal of how things go sometimes. Why weren't trans people standing up for him at all, even just to tell others to knock it off and let them fight their own battles?
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