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So I mentioned over in Militant Autistics that there seems to be a pretty significant overlap in the "Autism is a wonderful gift" and "Women are evil!" lolcow communities.

I wouldn't have expected this at first--a lot of manospherians do refer to Aspies and autists derisively, like many other people--but when I looked into it more deeply it seems there are several misogynists who firmly believe autism is actually a celebration of masculinity. He's often made fun of (and might be worth his own thread too), but PMAFT recently had a post about anti-vaxxers which was mentioned in the random Manosphere posts threads. To link it again:

The relevant quote is this:

one must understand that certain degrees of autism, particularly autism level 1 (or Asperger’s Syndrome as it used to be called), is not a debilitating disease but indistinguishable from ultra-masculine thinking (the type of thinking that drives innovation). In fact, lower levels of autism, especially those that used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome, are likely to be nothing more than the medicalization of regular masculinity.
This excerpt links to another post on his blog, and hoo boy, the autism deepens:

The thing is tl;dr, though if you're patient it's arguably worth reading through all of it for some lulz. For those not willing to wade through the whole thing, PMAFT takes an interview with Peter Thiel as evidence that Aspies tend to be, uh, "special" in their thought and behavior, which he takes as proof aspies and "low-level" autists are actually "ultra masculine," and that pathologizing those disorders--I mean, gifts--is actually a female plot (women are the enemy, not just feminists!) to pathologize masculunity. He also offers up an absolutely hilarious aside on how Japan is "rejecting the feminists and SJWs;" as much as SJWs may loathe all those panty games, I don't think a nation that has a flourishing cross-dressing culture is quite the image of masculinity PMAFT wants to defend.

But that's neither here nor there. Back to the autism, it seems that PMAFT is far from the only sperg to claim autism is a good thing/and or "truly masculine." One of his friends, Omega Virgin Revolt (again, as worthy of his own thread as the name implies) is beating the same drum:

Why is there a sudden epidemic of autism and aspergers? Because our feminized society is trying to free women from repsonsibility completely and force it on men.
His commenters are equally enthusiastic about this subject; one of them feels "neurotypical" men are as bad as women. See the aptly-named autisticwhitemale's commentary:

Completely Batshit Insane said:
Who says(besides you, neurotypical inferior) that the word neurotypical belongs to feminists? If so, then let’s just say I BOUGHT the fucking word, from my diagnosing MALE psychologist, who must have bought the word from the psych books from whence he got his degree/certification, those same psych books from where the authors of said books(probably male 9/10) bought it from some, again, MALE shrink from the 18th or 19th century that coined the word back when women were barefoot & pregnant only, and so thus I, myself, autisticwhitemale, as a MAN, OWN the MALE word NEUROTYPICAL, which you obviously hate so much since I’m calling you out with it, NEUROTYPICAL twit, but anyway it’s MY word for the purposes of any venue in which I, autisticwhitemale, grace NEUROTYPICAL inferiors such as you with the pure, beautiful, sparkling, genuine, 24-karat golden TRUTH behind MY use of the word NEUROTYPICAL.
Elsewhere, we can find:

An autistic MGTOW crediting the "philosophy" for saving his life:

An oh-so-edgy female misogynist claiming, like PMAFT, that "pathologizing autism is really just pathologizing male genius:"

And of course, the Exceptional Individuals at claiming aspies are an oppressed Master Race:

Thinking about it a little further, I suppose it's not that surprising these spergs would try to claim sperginess as a positive part of their ideology. Pretty much everything they loathe women and "manginas" for, whether it's having emotions, interests beyond some narrow technical subject, a basic grasp of social niceties, or even a vague conception that other people have minds of their own, reads like a laundry list of things autists are diagnosed with lacking. But the amusing thing is that they've never figured out that this sperginess is also a reason they've never made much progress as any kind of organized movement, or even in improving their own place in life. For all the "benefits" they can claim autism confers, one thing autists aren't particularly good at is working together or in groups. And yet the brave defenders of autism in the manosphere will continue to wonder why, exactly, they remain a laughingstock to the rest of the world, or why they've failed utterly in effecting any positive change.
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Maybe manosphere people who hate on non-manosphere autistic people do so because the latter can lack some or all of the antisocial tendencies manosphere people seem to be known for?
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Healers Love Me
Maybe manosphere people who hate on non-manosphere autistic people do so because the latter can lack some or all of the antisocial tendencies manosphere people seem to be known for?
Might well be part of it. Whenever an autistic or nerdy person displays some inkling of self-awareness, perspective, or empathy, manospambots will call him an "omega" or something. Makes me wonder if that's part of the whole ranking system they have going on.
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Sounds like it's pulled from a severe misinterpretation of the Simon Baron-Cohen research into effects of elevated levels of Testosterone having a correlation to autistic behavior.


Healers Love Me
Sounds like it's pulled from a severe misinterpretation of the Simon Baron-Cohen research into effects of elevated levels of Testosterone having a correlation to autistic behavior.
Yes, you're exactly right. I'm familiar with Cohen's research; I looked up his name on PMAFT's blog and was shocked to see that manosphere hero didn't mention him once at all. You'd think PMAFT would take it as proof that autists were "true men," but it would probably give him too much credit to assume he actually did much research.
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