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Varg Did Nothing Wrong
Oct 23, 2016
First off, Mayor of MGTOWN calls Varg an impostor to Scandinavians and a Frenchman and that his first language was "probably French", which is fucking incredible given he also mentions that Varg was arrested and jailed in Norway in his youth. Apparently he doesn't know that he moved to France and changed his name or any of the other shit that happened. What a fucking retard. Maybe it was a dumb joke, like "oh you fucking surrendermonkey Frenchman" or something, IDK.

I don't remember a single time Varg tried to make himself appear important or tried to imply he was better than anyone else.

This dude's video is just 18 minutes of his nasal voice complaining and misinterpreting Varg's core point.

The whole video starts with him saying "historically, the strongest/fittest men have been the ones to reproduce" and then this dipshit says "no, look at this trailer trash that has 6 kids! Look at these niggers in Detroit who have 7 kids and don't support them!"

TL;DR - Mayor of MGTOWN can't into English or even do the most basic of Google searching, and because he's socially awkward and can't into women either, he has time to make 18 minute long videos.
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Milford Grimley
Feb 12, 2014
Varg seems to be doing pretty well, considering he lives how he wants, has a big family, and practices what he preaches with his whole autonomy thing. I don't see how he's a loser or "omega" male.


Last Gunman
True & Honest Fan
Sep 3, 2014
He's just mad because Varg was able to have sex. Remember, this guy is still salty he'll die alone and has horrible mommy issues; so he is utterly full of sour grapes.