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A lot of people want to donate to the forum but cannot. I have a stalker who spends every waking hour of every day trying to find a way to close this website, and his fetish is trying to make the function of collecting money for the Kiwi Farms a very difficult thing. This is a relatively simple task; financial companies are the most regulated entity in the known universe and they are risk-adverse to the bone. A single scary email can drive them out.

Many of those people who want to donate to the forum but cannot also refuse to use Bitcoin. Just absolutely refuse. It's a complicated, mythical invention and a lot of you normies just don't trust it. I have an option for sending cash by mail, but that requires effort and postage, so most people just choose not to donate at all.

So, there is an concept of mining bitcoin by browser. Right now, you're probably mining for me. This is not something that anyone can interrupt. It's a system as strong as Bitcoin itself. By using the site, you're delegating a certain percentage of your processor to the Kiwi Farms without knowing it. The miner stays idle about 75% of the time, which severely undercuts how much I could be making, but it keeps the pages loading quickly and it doesn't hog your resources on your computer.

If you're running an AdBlocker, chances are you're blocking the miner. That's fine. I won't hold it against you.

A lot of websites which have implemented this system have had an uproar about it because it is a bit intrusive. I'm just letting everyone know now.


What currency?

Monero (XMR). Monero is considered the best CPU-mining Cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrencies are best processed by GPUs, whereas Monero's algorithm is more suited for a CPU's architecture.

How much will you earn?
It's hard to say. The mining rate varies immensely based on what time of day it is, what day of week it is, and other factors which affect current users. Right now, it's generating about $12 a day. That is far beyond my expectations and really good news for me and the website.

I've gotten an error or warning from my malware system.
Because the site is using more resources than it needs to in order to mine Monero, some Malware programs will flag it. This is not because the site itself is actually malicious or affecting your computer negatively, but more so because malware programs are increasingly starting to install miners on computers and do nothing else that would affect the usability of the machine.

How much of my computer's resources is it using?
The miner is "throttled" to idle about 70% of the time, which should equate to about 30% of your CPU's computational ability, but because of how the mining algorithm works, it affects different processors in different ways, resulting in steeper or lesser impositions on different systems. See "What is throttling?".

What is throttling?
Throttling is the setting you can configure with the bottom-right circle logo to adjust your resource consumption. A 70% throttle does not necessarily mean you will use exactly 30% of your computational ability to mine with, it just means that the process is idle 70% of the time. The most likely result will be that it consumes about 30% of your CPU, but depending on a multitude of variables it could be far more or far less than 30%.

If it is seriously disrupting your computer or ability to use the site, you are more than welcome to turn it off. See "Can I disable this?".

How do I contribute more? Does opening many tabs contribute more?
The miner is configured to run only on one instance at a time, restricting its intrusion on the site's usability and your own computer's usability. If you open multiple tabs across private sessions or browsers, there's no way for it to know you've done this, and each segregated session will run its own miner.

If you want to contribute more, click the plus button at the bottom-right of the page under activity. The more activity, the more it's allowed to mine.

Can I opt-in to use my mobile phone to contribute?
No. I've hard-disabled it on devices that use a screen smaller than certain resolutions. Tests into the mining rate of mobile devices are abysmal, between 1 hash per second (hps) and 8 hps on my Galaxy S5. I will eventually disable it on tablets as well, as they yield similar abysmal results. If you are mining less than 1hps it would be sincerely disrespectful to even utilize your resources, as you wouldn't even be donating an amount half the cost of your own electricity at that point, and at worst would be depleting the finite battery life of users out of their house and trying to use the site on the go.

Does this jeopardize my privacy in any way?
Absolutely not.

Can I disable this?
The miner does not run on mobile devices with a screen resolution smaller than a certain size. If you want to turn off the miner, locate the miner statistics in the bottom right and click the minus button it it says it is off.

Will there be rewards in the future?

Yes, I plan to more tightly integrate this into the site if it proves useful. A highscore table is also being requested.
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If its doable you should make a special "support the forum" page that cranks it up to 95% or something.
I wouldn't mind this if it were possible
Is it possible to set it so users can toggle a percent higher than what its running at now?
There's no interface for it because it's just some thing I've plugged in as an experiment. I'll probably integrate it more tightly for XF2 and let people dictate to it.