The Most Autistic Dream You've Ever Had

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No Exit

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Oct 5, 2019
I once had a dream where I had two dogs and started crying out of guilt because I couldn't remember one of the dog's names and they've been my companion for over a decade.

Had a laugh when I woke up I cause I've never had two dogs. The one I recognized was my childhood dog.

Also I've had the occasional DBZ dream. As autistic as it is, flying around shooting ki blasts and fighting is fun.


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Jan 31, 2020
I dreamed I was in a diner in Barrow Alaska and got in a fight with a drunkard.

I have never been to Alaska


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Oct 7, 2018
I once dreamt that there was a wild animal in my room that kept biting me under the covers. So I tried shoo it away, then I tried to give it some food, but it kept getting under my covers and biting my leg. So threw his ass out the window, shut it, and went back to bed. 5 mins later something bit me again, it was this fucking thing, so I bashed it over the counter and threw it out the window again. And this repeat until I woke up, I still get a little cautious before I go to bed.

That's probably as autistic as it gets.

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Feb 23, 2019
1. Had a dream when I was younger that I played Mario Kart Double Dash with the US President and UK Prime Minister.

2. Also had a dream I took a temper tantrum at my (old) work and walked out because someone criticised the way I did something.


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May 24, 2019
Had a dream that after a long day shitposting all the Kiwi Farmers went to a pub and had a party. You were all your avatars, so there was a golden Bender chatting with Walter from The Big Lebowski. It was kind of like an autistic VR chat.

ETA: It was kind of line an even more autistic VR chat.
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Pinot Pierrot

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Dec 8, 2019
I had a dream several years ago where I was in a subway station and stumbled upon an art display of the night sky. Then the stars began to glitter, and I proceeded to lose all motor control and convulsed into an epileptic fit.


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Sep 10, 2013
To this day the best dream I've ever had was the one where Dee Snider of Twisted Sister told me that I had inherited the family lumberyard. There was a several year long period in which I was having super weird and vivid dreams that I can still recall to this day. I used to keep a dream diary and write all this weird shit down but I lost it.

The other night I had a super weird one- I was back in my 12th grade year and on the verge of graduating. For some reason our graduating class had an official class quilt that a small committe was tasked with creating. One of the guys in the committe had some kind of obsession with the idea of puke golems (best way I can describe it, it was some kind of green sludgy entity that he made shitty DeviantArt-tier art of people being attacked by) Also it is important to mention that in this dream universe, Hitler and his wife did not die via suicide but in a plane crash. Why is this relevant? Becasue weird puke-golem man decided to illustrate this event with his puke golem character assulting the passengers of the plane, causing the chaos that lead to the plane crash. He proceeded to take four illustrations, transfer them onto fabric, and sew them onto our class quilt. Seeing how the quilt was now an utter disaster the rest of us threw up our hands and said fuck it, let's sew some swastikas on to the thing to round it all out.

The school was understandably a little upset, so upset in fact that the entire quilt committee was denied graduation and sentenced to join the crew of a massive fishing boat for some length of time. Getting to the docks where I would find said ship involved sprinting through the hillsides avoiding thousands of snakes, only some of which I was able to identify as non-venemous. Life on the ship was cold and grueling and being quickly overtaken and enslaved by pirates didn't really help matters much. I woke up sometime after Puke-Golem Boy had been dumped into a scummy cistern and left to suffer for the next week.