The Mysterious Mr. Enter / Jonathan Rozanski's "Growing Around" - IndieGoGo Campaign Failed, John going off the deep end


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Alright, so I'm sure we know Mr. Enter as that guy who posts mediocre animation reviews on the internet. He was so popular as a lolcow he had his own subforum back in the day, which really just hosted other cows more interesting than him.

I wanted to start this thread because there's potential for actual discussion of his content. I'm sure most of the weens (fuck off, Null)/A-logs have dissipated or just don't care anymore, so I'm going to do something original and praise Mr. Enter's let's plays.

WARNING: Positive sperging below
When he first came out with these I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them. Enter's still a bit awkward in these but he's a lot more tolerable when not screaming like a banshee. I disagree with him a lot when he talks about game design, but I don't really care because the video's are so chill. My theory is his voice is so boring it makes them very good for falling asleep to.

I'd talk about his reviews as well, but I don't watch those for obvious reasons. I feel like despite his editing getting better his writing and choice of subject have gotten worse. Like who cares about Re-Animated?

I still moderately recommend his LPs, even his Game Dev one is pretty informative on some of the mechanics. With his gaming channel he took a break until recently, when he was doing a self-imposed challenge to longplay ever PS1 game now he's trying to play every game in the "1001 X to Y Before You Die" book. Enter has a thing where he really hates that book, so I haven't been keeping up with this as much because now he has a negative context when he plays these games, but it could be good for him in the long run to expand his horizons. Enter doesn't seem like he's got a good variety in what he plays, so trying games he'd normally have no interest in (like GTAIV, which I wonder how he'd deal with that) might help him improve as a critic.

Another thing that's kinda fascinating in the series, other than Enter being a lot more reasonable than his NC-esque "persona", is that he's more enjoyable in this format because he's like a Karl Pilkington-type. What I mean by this is, if you've ever listened to the Ricky Gervais Show, Karl's worldview can be rather weird and that makes for some funny entertainment. If Enter says something I disagree with, because he isn't shouting, it can be laughed off more easily.

Just wanted to get this off my chest. I don't know how this will be received, but I found it weird that I don't really like the guy and am still moderately interested into listening to him play some shitty PS1 game. I don't think I'm alone in this, I feel like this content is almost objectively better but no one has pointed out yet. It's still not great, but compared to his reviews it's fucking amazing. Or maybe I'm just delusional and need to take my medication again.
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Interesting wasn't aware he even had a lets play channel.

I'm sure most of the weens/A-logs have dissipated or just don't care anymore, so I'm going to do something original and praise Mr. Enter's let's plays.


I don't know about that. Despite it being years since this guy has been relevant I still suspect both a-logs and fans hunt the internet for grounds to fight eachother on.
Even if the original a-logs have grown up.
Mr. Enter has some really weird autism. He's unable to differentiate cartoons from reality, I think, and according to him threw up when watching an episode of Spongebob because of the graphic disgusting visuals. He gets really angry about people being mean in cartoons to cartoon characters, despite the fact that that's the foundation of most cartoons. He gets pissed off when cartoons don't have morals, or have ambiguous morals, because he's only able to interact with reality like he's a 5 year old.

I'm really surprised this thread was started in Multimedia and now the cow general forum.


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Mods saw a thread about Pan Pizza on the lolcow boards and moved it back here after realizing Mr Enter would need a thread to justify its existence.

Enter deserves a thread. No positive sperging though. Dude is the only tard to encourage his fans to send death threats to Spongebob writers for some shitty episode, and his tone deaf alogs shows little to no understanding of the industry at all.

The sheer amount of autism from Enters presense here destroyed any chance of any long lasting thread though.


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I don't like this manchild at all and I still hope this doesn't turn into a ween thread - I'd rather see actual discussion on why he fails at critiquing stuff anyday over a bunch of trollshielding for someone who, again, clearly fails at this and could stand to be told it to his face, honestly.

Too bad this is the only way he makes money. So, like OPL, of course he can't stop doing this - nor will he anytime soon. Maybe if he became an LP channel again, he might truly get better - provided he's still good at gaming, which he sure as fuck isn't (and will never be, either.) at cartooning / critiquing cartoons.


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I'm really surprised this thread was started in Multimedia and now the cow general forum.
Because a long time ago, the man had his own subforum (ala Chris, DSP and ADF and the Tumblr and Furry cultures). Shit happened and it turned into a hugbox for the Enter haters. That isn't to say a thread wouldn't work, as Enter's got heavy lolcow traits to him. But it'd need some heavy monitoring just to make sure shit doesn't hit the fan like last time.

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