The Mysterious Mr. Enter / Jonathan Rozanski's "Growing Around" - IndieGoGo Campaign Failed, John going off the deep end


If Lions Like It, You Know It’s Bad.
The dumbass is skipping Doug?

What kind of exceptional technicality shit is that?
Citation, please? If he's counting the DreamWorks cartoons despite Nickelodeon not owning the characters, I don't see why he'd skip Doug.
He’s not, it’s in the trailer. I pulled an all nighter and must have forgotten. He’s dumb, but he’s not that dumb. I am though

Pelswick both wasn’t exclusive to nicktoons and wasn’t or imported, he’s just ignoring it for the sake of ignoring it
It's creator is American to boot, it was just produced in Canada and animated in China. It's like counting DuckTales as a Japanese anime because it was animated in Japan. Enter just wanted a way out from a show with a main character who hates being treated special just because he's in a wheelchair. Especially since the show's creator hated people who'd speak on behalf of the disabled because what they might say might not be politically correct. A shame that he died before the rise of the cult of social justice, I'd have loved to see him rip them a new one.

So, there’s no way he’s watched every episode of every nicktoon. Do you think he’s only watching like 5 episodes of each?
Probably depends on his opinion of the show in question. Anything he loves he could definitely binge watch if not all of it, then certain seasons and all his favorite episodes. Everything else though could range anywhere from only a few episodes, to just clips and reading episode summarys/recaps online.
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If Lions Like It, You Know It’s Bad.
Everything from the 90s was perfect and Avatar is the pinnacle of human achievement. All of the new stuff is derivative, soulless garbage made strictly to make a buck. There, that's all Enter will say all month.
Probably accurate, but didn’t he say he liked some of the more recent stuff like Loud House?
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Fresh Enter hot off the presses.
Short version: First half is Enter debunking the "All Media is Political" video by pointing out EC seems to be confused about how they're defining "all media", and pointing out people are more tired of shoe-horning politics into things.
Second half is the Nazi video. Disproving the "slippery slope" argument of the video, speaking against censorship of history, more or less what you would expect. Also pointing out that EC was once in favor of what they're now criticizing.
Bit of hypocrisy with Enter claiming marginalized people probably wouldn't give two shits about things like playing a Nazi in a game, while nearly losing his head over these videos. Lot of repetition from past videos like his "Everything is Offensive" one. And of course it's ridiculous to make a 40 minute video about a pair of videos totaling about 12.

Also this will likely be the last video before Nick-O-Rama. Tough luck, Madoka patron.


The True and Honest Man
I'm honestly shocked I found something I can agree with Enter wholeheartedly on because it says a lot when someone like Enter knows that all media isn't political like many delusional people (like Movieblob) believe to be the case just to make their favorite things look deeper than they are.

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