The Mysterious Mr. Enter / Jonathan Rozanski's "Growing Around" - IndieGoGo Campaign Failed, John going off the deep end

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If I hear "soy" one more time I'm going to have a stroke.

Did Enter not read Calvin and Hobbes or Foxtrot as a kid? Both of those work have fictionalized foods that are memorable and funny. Also way to rip off Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and to show your Asperger's by being afraid of gummy worms
I mean, he could have made them gum-balls with weird flavors, or something. Instead of ripping off one of the most popular kids' series of all time.

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Gotta Smash!

What the hell is that realistic background for? Did he get lazy or inspired by Amazing World of Gumball?
Probably the latter because, as I ranted before, he likes that show, even though it has a lot of stuff on it he'd object to if it were on any other show (namely SpongeBob and Family Guy, the lowest of low-hanging fruit when it comes to discussing bad modern-day cartoons)? Why can't he be a normal cartoon sperg and watch Steven Universe or Adventure Time (you know, one of those safe, fairly bland CalArts-based cartoons). Gumball is more like an experimental visual media piece than an actual TV show for kids (and was made in the United Kingdom, yet Mr. Enter said he didn't like foreign works).

Sorry for the sperg out; his hypocritical love for TAWoG still irritates me.

Also what is this perspective?
That feeling you get when you think, "Hey, my life might suck a bit, but at least I'm not afraid of gummy worms." Seriously, what the hell?

Can we be honest at this point. MR enter won't care about any critique or whatever, at this point all he is doing, or all he wants to do, is pay people to make his personal ideas into reality for him. That's pretty much it.

Not unlike how many people often imagine their own personal video game, or movie, anime or book. He's just using money and internet star points to get others to make it for him at this point.

Pretty much the adult version of a toddler asking their parents to draw them something cool.


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Ignoring the fact that the dialogue is m ore stilted than usual and there's a few crappy lampshade moments I think the biggest problem with this script is that Enter cannot write horror scenes without having some crappy comedy happen after it. It reminds me of a crappy play I did in the fifth grade where every scary or threatening moment was ruined by the play's super annoying comic relief farting/sneezing/blowing his nose/burping/farting even louder in order to add some "comedy" to the material. You can have comedic moments in Halloween specials (Grinch Night and Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo-Ha-Ha have some excellent ones) but they have to 1) Be Funny and 2) not be something that distracts from the Horror, Creepiness, scariness, etc.

It says something that Thomas the Tank Engine's Halloween Special is way scarier than Ryker's Revenge and keep in mind it's made for toddlers. (By the way if you're wondering how Scary Ghost train is, allow me to show you a still image from that episode.

It's pretty sad an almost forty year old preschool show can beat Enter