The NFL Thread

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Who's going to win Super Bowl 56?

  • Cincinnati Bengals

    Votes: 80 70.8%
  • Los Angeles Rams

    Votes: 41 36.3%

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Lay Down Upon This Heap of Orange
True & Honest Fan
Apr 30, 2016
Holy shit, Sunday Night Kneel Downs are actually in play!

In the event of a non-tie, big ups to UrinatingTree, whom I'm utterly convinced doesn't have a Kiwi account but absolutely lurks here, especially after his EDP445 video.

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If the Steelers make it deep in the post season, Tree is going to be a perfect mix of confused/insufferable and it's almost overriding my hatred of that team to make me want to root for them because of it.


Lay Down Upon This Heap of Orange
True & Honest Fan
Apr 30, 2016
Also I'm double-posting to say FUCK ARIZONA and their stupid mobile football field, that shit has cost me Kam, Sherm, ET3, Avril, a Super Bowl and maybe Diggs now.
Their stadium looks NOTHING like a curled up rattlesnake unless you've done enough peyote to want to actually live in Arizona.

at least we won though!
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fake lawyer-ass bitch
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Jul 9, 2018
The Chargers just can't help themselves. Even in the most important game of their season they still want to play the analytics game. They're so lucky it's the Raiders, that shit should have been game.

Another Sperg on the Net

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Nov 2, 2020
So it seems the Chiefs will face the Steelers unless the Chargers can un Charger themselves. In the NFC Arizona needs to address Kingsburry's inability to close out a season, aside from their win against Dallas they limped into the post season losing four out of their last five. I am looking forward to ending Big Ben's career with a crushing loss.

Least Concern

Pretend I have a Cryptoland pfp like everyone else
Sep 23, 2018
Can we now take bets on who will be in the Super Bowl?

It would be cool to see Aaron Rodgers win the Lombardi Trophy even while he’s still called an “anti-vaxxer”.
Bucs v. Chiefs. Bucs win again. Brady haters cope, seethe, and dilate.

I think this Herbert kid has a bright future. I'd call that last drive lucky, but there was just too much clutch success there for it to be merely luck.

Sep 28, 2020
Only NFL game I watched part of this year just hoping for the tie and Pittsburgh to get fucked over by the Raiders. Disappointed but hopefully the Raiders make a run of it.


I just want to go to the beach
Jun 25, 2020
Would have never come down to that if the Chargers run defense hadn't been ass as its been all season.

Going with the Packers/Bills as my Super Bowl pick. Would love to see the Titans or Bengals make a run, though.