The Night of the Howling Swamp Monster -

Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg

Person of Interest
It was a hot day for winter the pollen was up but that smell was so compelling Dave Price could not help but get a dog boner. He was really really horney and that smell of dog musk was driving Dave wild and his micropeen was twitching and throbbing.

Oh they had to be close he could smell the musk of dog in heat was just so strong. Dave was on edge even the ditch weed was not helping calm him down. Dave started to hump the air uncontrollably and tiny clear sperts of tard cum splattered the floor as Dave got off on the smell of musky dog crotch. It was going to be hard to not go off and gum a few dog cocks and lick clean that musky dog crotches he so desired.

It was getting late and the moon was coming up and Dave snapped down on all fours he went howling and drooling and out the door he trotted looking for dogs to do his most perverted dreams with. He was going for broke 50 dogs in a night or if he could find one a nice hot 8 year old girl. Dave was not picky he would fuck anything as long as it was a dog or an underage little girl or boy. Yes Dave was going to do his worst tonight.

The first victim was a small toy poodle Dave got her behind the dumpster and went to it humping the poor tiny creature until the poor dog was all but dead. one after another Dave left shocked bewildered dogs laying there in total shock trembling due to the horrible sexual attack they all suffered from old Dave. Lustfully Dave ran on all fours raping dog after dog until a small boy playing in the backyard was a bit loud and brought Daves attention to him.

Quick as lightning Dave pounced on the poor boy it was horrible and depraved Dave loved ass raping the child up until he felt the metal baseball bat connect with his head. He turned around to the man who hit him the child father and hissed as green fumes engulfed the man who started to choke and before he could even react the mans skin started to peal off and melt off his body. The toxic breath loaded with vile dumpster parasites killing the child's father in a matter of seconds. How could this dog and child raping menace be stopped. It was so horrific as the child's father became a oozing puddle before the kids shaking eyes. All the while the evil cackles Dave emitted chilling the very soul of the victim as he realized Dave was not finished.

Dave pulled out a tiny bag and stuffed the child in it then folded it back up and put it in his filthy pocket. more kids would befall this fate before the night was over and hundreds of dog would lay there shaking in fear after Daves raping them. It was truly a horrific event and one that would have effects echoing through out time.


International Glownigger Commander
Now rated "R" for obvious reasons.

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