The Official Adult Swim Griefing Thread - Now With Potentially Less Bob's Burgers and Family Guy

Dom Cruise
Considering the way AS was acting around 2008-2011, the Toonami prank was out of character for them. I always thought the Toonami prank was meant as a last hurrah for the anime block or a final farewell since it was supposed to be canned at some point later on that year.
Honestly, I'm still kinda bitter about 2008-2011 to where even though I'm glad they brought Toonami back it wasn't even enough to bring me back as a viewer, though the main reason for that is simply falling out of the habit of watching cable.

But still, they gave us anime fans a pretty clear middle finger and they did so at a time when the anime industry in the west really needed them, with so many publishers and magazines folding from 2007 to 2012, they could have really used Adult Swim's continued promotion of it instead of acting like they were embarrassed of it and burying episode premieres at absurdly late timeslots.