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Standing in the school hallway.
Also, anyone else digging the death metal Ned Flanderses?
I don't know what to think. Okilly Dokilly sure is a novelty band that exists.

They're on tour this month. Perhaps that's why The Simpsons used a clip from "White Wine Spritzers" in tonight's episode even though the music video itself is from 2016.

Here's the other music video on their Youtube account.

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The Pink Panther

The Dumb Squash From Lugash
Lol. MeBlogWriteGood with his liberal bias sperged out about the subplot of this episode:


The subplot sucked, I must say, since Homer would usually not be one to rubberneck and get tempted, but he describes it in such a cucky way that comes across as "Why must men always have to fucking look at women with the male gaze?" Not his exact words mind you, but the tone, my guys. THE TONE.


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