The Official Simpsons Griefing Thread -

Syaoran Li

Beware The Walkin' Dude
What about Movieblob
Has MovieBob even said anything about Zombie Simpsons one way or the other?

Of course, since they now belong to The Rat, I would not be surprised if he does like it now.

Using a shit tier meme to describe me. If you must know I've got seasons 1-19 on DVD plus the movie
Then, why would you defend any of the post-movie seasons? The Simpsons is a mere shadow of its former self at best, and has been since 2007-2008 at the absolute latest.

Unless you're Al Jean, one of the guys from the AV Club, or a paid Disney shill, I don't know why anyone would defend the post-movie seasons of The Simpsons?

Maybe if you only knew the show from the newer seasons and didn't really know the better and older seasons too well, I could understand.

Syaoran Li

Beware The Walkin' Dude
Calling Disney The Rat........again do you people here like anything?. Do you mearly come here to shit on anything and everything?
Considering Disney has beem actively building a monopoly on the entertainment industry for a decade now, created the MCU and the resulting flood of bland capeshit, are painfully woke even by Hollywood standards, actively collaborate with China on a level matched only by Silicon Valley, and were so full of hubris it made them incompetent enough to successfully tank a cash cow franchise that not even The Phantom Menace could kill, I think Disney is worthy of being called out on their shit.

Disney is to media what Google is to the internet or Standard Oil was to energy back in the day.

Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola were far too easy in their criticism of Disney and the MCU that helped them in building a monopoly that was only stalled by a goddamn global plague

If you like Zombie Simpsons, that's your prerogative and you're entitled to your opinions like the rest of us, but defending Disney because you like Zombie Simpsons, the MCU, or what have you is pure consoomer nonsense that would make Robert Chipman himself very proud.

EDIT: @Autumnal Equinox put it better than I ever could.