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Has anybody ever read the criticisms of the show from their golden years? I can't stop thinking about what a bunch of spergs they were and now I can't entirely blame the writers for mocking them.
Also, the reason Groening never revisited Life in Hell was probably because after he'd made his fuck-you money, what purpose would be served by developing an old property like that into a medium it wasn't intended for and inevitably having to suffer some kind of executive meddling? More money? More fame? What could it bring that he didn't already have without risking someday regretting he sold himself out? It's like, if one-shot time travel was possible, would you go back and redo your 5th birthday party to make it "perfect"? Probably not because, well, there's more important things in your life to deal with.
Easy, a passion project where he's in control.
You know, it was a good sign when a show's creators outright allowed the writers to make fun of them.
Sam Simon was upset that they originally didn't roast him, in the final version he gets drawn as Howard Hughes.

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let's all share our lesser known Simpsons trivia

In the Simpsons Road Rage, it's implied that Willie fucked a mule
Some more lesser-known (and SFW) Simpsons trivia:

Notice Krusty the Clown's seemingly uncanny resemblance to Homer? That's not a coincidence. Early in the show's history, it was planned to be a plot point that Krusty's secret identity was Homer. The gag was that Bart poorly treated his father and was defiant towards his authority, but ironically simultaneously (and unknowingly) worshiped his father when he wore clown makeup.

This idea was eventually phased out, and to prevent this from ever being a gag, Krusty's character model was altered after the first few episodes. His body was made to be thinner than Homer, and his head was shaped slightly different, his mouth was bigger, and bags were drawn under his eyes to make him appear older.

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Lawrence Tierney was an absolute drunken maniac during his recording sessions for 'Marge Be Not Proud'. At one point he nearly got into a fistfight with showrunner Josh Weinstein.
Tierney was fucking insane. He was supposed to play a recurring role as Elaine's father on Seinfeld, but he stole a real knife from the set, hid it in his coat, and pretended to use it in a Psycho-like manner. Everyone was too terrified to work with him again.

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I remember when The Simpsons had heartfelt scenes.
I miss that so much.
I kinda miss the Flanders that used to be here. I used to think of my dad whenever I thought of Homer and thought we were in that situation as well where someone in the neighborhood was always better than us.

I do too, and this scene was one of those I used to watch over and over thinking of how much it meant to be in that situation.
Late on this and I know people generally see "Moaning Lisa" as the cornerstone of Lisa's >tfw too intelligent episodes, but I honestly thought it was pretty good. It was interesting to introduce us to her musical passion from her perspective all the while keeping it grounded.
They're literally terrified of moths
"They're gonna get eaten alive in middle school."
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let's all share our lesser known Simpsons trivia

In the Simpsons Road Rage, it's implied that Willie fucked a mule
Conan O'Brien was the originator of the name of Selma's pet Jub-Jub. It's one of many nonsensical phrases he would say around the office, so when it came time to name the iguana, they turned to him to ask and he said "Jub-Jub".