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Well back in the day I don't think the idea of Adult cartoons like South Park or Adult Swim existed to mainstream audiences, people saw a cartoon and thought "oh its a cartoon the kids will love it". It also helps that all the adult humor in the show would fly over the heads of little kids watching. Something like Sneed might make a few of the adults chuckle at a pretty dirty joke if they got it but to little Strange Wilderness I was laughing at how crappy and run-down the farm was and the tractor spontaneously overturning on Homer because thats what my 10 year old brain thought was funny. In the first episode there's humor for adults (mocking formulaic Christmas specials and the stresses of the holiday) and humor adults and kids can enjoy like Homers lame shopping sequence at the dollar store, him stealing the Christmas tree under gunfire, and how his Christmas miracle at the dog track can't even cross the finish line before realizing that this pathetic loser dog is his kindred spirit.
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There's a Simpsons reference in "Garfield And Friends" - "The Automated, Animated Adventure". While "digitized", Garfield is manipulated to look like Bart, which he says is "much worse".

(the episode also aired in 1991)
Some Simpsons ghosts also appeared on one of the final episodes of the real Ghostbusters but mind you I think this was in 1990 a year after the second movie and long after the show had plummeted in quality thanks to everything from JMS having long left the show and taking advice on what to change about the show from children's media consulting firm


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Shearer appeared on Times Radio to promote his new satirical album, "The Many Moods Of Donald Trump," which is slated for release later this year. CNN has reached out to Shearer, "The Simpsons" and parent company Disney for comment.
And minutes after saying he disagrees with critical race theory and cancel culture he goes back to being an NPC and reeeeeeeing at orange man.


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The thing you have to remember about Shearer is that he was under Mel Blanc's wing back when he was starting out, so it's no surprise he would have an old-school mindset when it comes to voice acting. Blanc was known as the Man of a Thousand Voices, and some of those voices weren't his own race (like the Frito Bandito and Speedy), so Shearer most likely takes that sort of thing to heart. After all, he was friends with the biggest voice actor on the planet, so I doubt he would throw away his beliefs about acting over the current political climate.


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