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My grandmother sometimes lamented that much of the entertainment, movies, music, cartoon characters she enjoyed were taken away/erased. I assume that must have happened during the civil rights movement. She always emphasized that it was utter nonsense and hysteria.

I'm afraid I can't remember specifics, but I know she had a "golliwog" doll that she thought was adorable. And she mentioned the Frito Bandito being taken away. That happened before I was born, but she didn't seem to realize that.

But I know how she feels now. She said nobody was offended at the time about these things. And yeah, I grew up with Apu and I never heard a peep about him being offensive. Not one article in any of the left-wing rags. Not one post on Usenet. Nobody had a problem with it until that one asshole made it a problem.
I'm sure she misses this program, it was my dad's favorite.


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Makes you want to go back to the days when she had a crush on "Corey".

You just know they'll make a 'Morrissey is right wing now' joke that resets the status quo. Plus with Cumbertwat doing the voice, it'll be a posh Londoner rather than a working class Mancunian with no references to Salford in the episode at all.

I may actually hatestream this for you lot's entertainment. Appreciate it.

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Aurora borealius?
At this time of Day?

Funny you should say that...
Okay this shit is creepy. Did the writers finally find the ultimate self-insert with which to manifest their feelings for Lisa within the show? And don't fucking tell me the writers don't have a creepy pedo boner for Lisa with how much they idolize her and make her into their ideal woman.
I was thinking of Woody Allen, personally.
Pretty fitting comparison I'd say.

Makes you want to go back to the days when she had a crush on "Corey".
Ah yes, back when the writers still treated her like a kid until season 5 started slowly rearing her into the Lisa we know today.

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