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Take a look at this to see why a true Simpsons remaster is very likely not possible:

This is why you might never see your favourite TV shows remastered
Still, Disney could have made it look a little better than the shit they tried to pass off. At least they released the uncropped versions a while later, but still.

Can we just not anymore?

Tootsie Bear
I haven't flushed a ball seen a new Simpsons episode in years. All the shading and everything looking so computer-generated-ish looks weird now, since I'm used to how it looked before the show went HD.
I've dipped my toes in the water and watched a few episodes here and there. What's bad is that show should have ended with the movie. That would have been the perfect send off for series. Now you have actors who sound wore out call in their lines to play characters like it's for meme reactors on YouTube.

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Sneed's Feed & Seed
Formerly Chuck's
:semperfi:Seeder Feedelis:semperfi:
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Lisa's face in the first image makes me wish they'd do an episode where she suddenly finds out that getting a meme degree and protesting won't pay the bills and is brought down to Earth with a thud as an adult. I know they'd never do it but it would make a change from "Lisa is a high-powered executive/the President when she grows up."
Aren't they all just pointless "what if" scenarios anyway?

What if Lisa becomes a Randroid Republican?

I've seen some of the newest episodes and it's not the worst it's ever been. I haven't followed too closely but I think it bottomed out like 15 years ago and has subsequently wavered up and down with no real pattern. I liked "The Road to Cincinnati" (a Skinner/Chalmers episode) but apparently nobody else did so I wouldn't take that as a rec, I just have bad taste. There's also a direct-to-streaming Christmas movie parody episode that's like a PG version of old South Park, back when they did beat-for-beat parodies of things instead of whatever the hell they're doing now. And a JJ Abrams episode where mean internet trolls are protesting perfectly good reboots which ticks every last Zombie Simpsons box. New Carl sounds like old Carl if you aren't paying attention, and why would you be paying attention? Comic Book Guy is married and appears to be a personal friend of Homer now, and they're still just calling him "Comic Book Guy" because they revealed his name as a joke in a very old Zombie Simpsons episode and nobody cares (I can't remember it). Simpsons just passed 700 episodes. Here's looking forward to the next 1400.

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Anonstophanes said:
Sneed... Feed and Seed....png
"A supposed family man of possible german origin with a high sense of fashion and a most distasteful german sportscar (who was from a long since irrelevant animated sitcom) approaches a small grains store in the outskirts of nowhere. It is here where his pompous nature is called out by the everymen of society, who can see through his facade of repeatability and superiority and force him to realize what a sham he is. That his existence is based upon a fabrication that creates the illusion of fame and fortune while still trying to relate to the average viewer, when really this washed up sitcom star is but a hollow shell of what he once was as his character drifts further away from his humble origins and his show fades from the public eye. And it takes the bold analysis of one such farmer to bring this truth to light. And all because this pretentious "average joe" (as he calls himself in order to give a false impression of being relatable to the everyman) wanted to purchase farming equipment. It was in this life-changing moment of confrontations that he is forced to face his reflection in the eyes of the real everymen of modern America and realize that he no longer relates to them on any level. That his relevancy has long since passed. And all it took to bring about this powerful and impacting revelation was the fancy german fool's arrival to a simple store that simply bared the words... Feed... and Seed..."

"Which brings us to the nature of the name of this place. This House of Change. This Nexus of Chaos. The place where the crossroads meet. This humble adobe simply called "Sneed's Feed & Seed"... which is clever in itself. Its a comedic masterpiece, quite possibly the most complex metaphorical piece of humor of the century, if not in all of human history, completely redefining comedy as we know it in ways quite similar to those of Aristophanes. There is so much here that is said with the name of the store alone, but then you gaze further into the truth and not only does the joke reveal itself to you, but quite possibly the very nature of humanity itself. You look closely at the front of this store, "Sneed's Feed & Seed", and you can see a line that reads "Formerly Chuck's"."

feed for the soul.png
"Now, this might go over the average viewer's head as this, THIS, is peak comedy. I doubt anything will ever be able to surpass the sheer level of hilarity and depth that this one single line can inspire. So much is said at once without saying anything at all. It speaks volumes about the birth of life, conception, the passing of life, society, culture, obsession, repression, unity, disconnection and so much more and in so many ways that even I, an avid researcher of literary sciences, can't even grasp the full depth of this masterpiece. For in one half "Seed and Feed" we gain witness to all that is good and order in the world, but through the other half we also witness all the chaos and destruction in the world. Through Sneed and Feed we see the elements of creation, life unity, and all other positive forces of goodness and change manifest themselves, but with the second we see all of its opposing forces... The perfect dance of harmony. It is here where we see the world exposed to us in all its naked glory... For this place... this humble shack bears the words "Sneed's Feed & Seed" on a rather prominent sign... where we can lay witness to all. And the second half of the sign, with words that may elude you, just as we wish to turn away from all the things that frighten us in this bittersweet dance we call life, we see those words be bared to us... Those words that simply say "Formerly Chuck's"..."

"And there in lies the primal, the harsh, the cruel, and the absolute. For now we witness divine revelation and necessity. The original sin as it were. For here is where we must come to grips and accept the truth of this world. Just as that foolish relic Homer Simpson was forced to confront his own obsolescence when coming face to face with a true everyman. But unlike him, we shall not turn away, we shall not deny, we shall not avoid changing ourselves for the better, and we shall not brush off this truth with our manicured nails. For it is at this moment that all becomes clear... Sneed's Feed and Seed... Formerly Chuck's... was once, in truth... CHUCK'S FUCK AND SUCK! Intercourse, Fellatio, Procreation, Necessity and Tragedy! Combined with Seed and Feed, Fuck and Suck helps to give meaning to the world in a delicate dance of balance between chaos and harmony! Original Blessing and Original Sin! Joy and Misery! Love and Procreation! Comfort and Pain! Consuming and Discarding! Life (Sneed) and Passing (Formerly Chuck's)! But then we look closer at that powerful word... "Formerly"... A word that does not have to mean an end, but shows us that perhaps we can move past these miseries and head towards a brighter light in a new tomorrow... A SEED AND FEED TOMORROW!"

Sneed and Chuck.png
"All is as it should be, for here we witness a work of art on par with the likes of Rafael, Donatello, Rembrandt and DaVinci! Yes I dare say it! Sneed's Feed and Seed is an inspirational masterpiece, but unlike with the works of great artists, this masterpiece was forged in the hands of humble Korean animators led by talentless fools. And it was not the pathetic so-called "artist" Mr. Groening that was able to bring out the beauty of this work, no for he, Matt Groening was a blind fool motivated only by his own greed. It was his simple underpaid Korean animators who channeled the same divine inspiration that came to DaVinci and so many other grand artists before and after him! And through the eyes of the onlookers who marvel at this work of art we can see the true majesty of this world through this humble store! SNEED'S FEED AND SEED! FORMERLY... CHUCK'S!"


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No. Last episode even had a music festival happen.

That's good at least. FoxTrot is an example of a work that's been focusing on "The New Normal".

That episode where Krusty goes woke and accidentally summons Moonman was a weird one

Surprised they still have a touchtone dumbphone.

also "steamed scams"


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- We find out Marge is only with Homer as a "Fine, fuck you mom!" moment at the end of the episode. I don't know how to feel about that one.

To be fair, the show's writers have long dropped both blatant and cryptic hints that Marge and Homer's marriage is a sham and that Marge has LONG LONG LONG since fallen out of love with Homer. IIRC they even did a couple of episodes where it's stated that Marge hasn't filed for divorce because of the fact that Marge gets off on the fact that all of the other married couples envy her and Homer's marriage and come to them for marital advice/confide to her and Homer how "their marriages are worse than Homer/Marge's" and beg their help in fixing them whenever shit hits the fan and they are on the brink of splitting.

For all the talk of things that caused The Simpsons decline, I think you can point to Phil Hartman's passing as a MAJOR loss to the show, and his death was right around the time the decline became noticeable.

Not only was Hartman two of the show's very best regular side characters in Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz, but he was always popping up in random voices here and there (Like the Big Brother guy, the crooked Cable installation guy, and of course Lyle Lanley) and he was always a riot.

I don't buy that. Hartman was a popular side character but he never actually was a lead character.

The real turning point, was Futurama. Groening took all of the good Simpsons writers to that show and left Mike Scully and the bottom rung writers to run Simpsons. Then Al Jean came back and after a super brief batch of episodes that indicated a potential return to form, Jean ran the franchise straight off of a cliff.

Come to think of it, I do kind of think of it as a different show. After all, why not, it feels like one of two things: not the real show but shitty fan fictions written by Tumblr tards, or a good friend you grew up with who later devolved into an insufferable SJW.

At least we live in an age of DVD box sets, and we've got about 10-15 seasons worth of episodes, so we can watch good Simpsons whenever we want. Imagine only being able to see the newer episodes on TV unless you were smart enough to tape a whole bunch of episodes back in the day.

To be fair, Simpsons in reruns have always been a huge fucking grab bag in that they air shit out of order. Even FXX does it; which is OK if you want random episodes and occasionally get one you never saw. It's one of the few shows in reruns where stations air it out of sequence.

Undoubtedly it's dogshit, these future episodes always are.
Not really; the future episodes are among some of the few decent Simpsons episodes because they break the status quo even briefly and give us glimpses of what the show could be if Al Jean wasn't keeping everyone frozen in time.

Plus, outside of Barthood, these episodes are the only time we get to see Lisa get her comeuppance with the plot point that Lisa's doomed to be trapped in a loveless marriage to Milhouse, have a daughter who hates her guts, and basically alone and isolated and her degeneracy culminated in her having to resort necrophilia fetishism to get off.

I get a feeling there's a lot more to this than what I just read.

For me, my problem with WSMB is that they cut out a key line from Part 1 in the syndication version that creates a massive plot whole in the syndication version of Part 2. Which makes me wonder who the fuck was in charge of making said cuts.

Also, it should be noted that they filmed two endings (the Maggie and Smithers did it endings) and that the original plan was for IIRC Barney or either Patty/Selma shooting Burns and then actually following it up with them going on trial and getting convicted and being written out of the show for a couple of years then bring them back and follow up on them being released and struggling to get back to their old lives after serving prison time.

But they ditched that high concept idea and even the Smithers ending sidesteps the ending with Burns intervening to keep Smithers out of jail and instead "punishing him by cutting his salary".

"I love our court dates!"

"It's the only thing we do as a family anymore!"

Judge Constance Harm reminds me why I started to hate authority and strict order.
Constance Harm was voiced by the actress who played Lois on Malcolm In the Middle and came off like writers on Simpsons, like a lot of MITM fans, hated Lois and somehow convinced the actress that played Lois to spoof her character's unlikability and wrapped it in a Judy Judy parody to get it past Fox that they were crapping on MITM.
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This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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