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Found an old VHS tape with that episode where Bart enters that soapbox derby race, and that episode where the Germans take over the plant. They were taped from TV reruns back in 2007.

(wow VHS recordings of TV sure can have crappy quality)

Are the simpsons comics good?
I have one from the '00s where Homer and Ned appear on a reality TV show where they swap lives, and Lisa goes to smart kids camp. It's OK, but not as good as the good Simpsons episodes.

I imagine Simpsons comics from Current Year likely suck and are "pozzed" with woke though.


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James Earl Jones - Casey At The Bat

As read by Maggie Simpson.

Strange Wilderness
"that's right! I'm a surgeon!"
And a child actor, boxer, author, bookie, bowler, speakeasy operator, cat owner, soap star, promoter, fan man, illegal immigrant, snake handler, stalker, loan shark, naval reserve corpsman, restaurateur, mob leader, underground casino operator, and animal smuggler.

Moe really is a jack of all trades. If anything he should have been the Simpsons new lawyer after Lionel Hutz, at least Moes been before a judge as much as Hutz has.


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I'm not sure that I know the names of Ayatollahs from that part on Simpsons or listening to rightwingers bloviate
in other "the episode with Bush is on" edits
for some reason my family (myself included) assumed that was legit Bush uncredited like MJ and everybody else
then as the semicasual onlines became a thing in the mid to late nineties we found out it was just Shearer and although none of us were fans of Bush Sr or really _that_ disappointed we were all like "oh. I thought he ended up kinda cool. what a shame", and we were pretty weird mix of educator republican, banker democrat, and misc
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