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Yuuichirou Kumada

Second chaddest simp in anime
And a child actor, boxer, author, bookie, bowler, speakeasy operator, cat owner, soap star, promoter, fan man, illegal immigrant, snake handler, stalker, loan shark, naval reserve corpsman, restaurateur, mob leader, underground casino operator, and animal smuggler.

Moe really is a jack of all trades. If anything he should have been the Simpsons new lawyer after Lionel Hutz, at least Moes been before a judge as much as Hutz has.
He also volunteers to read stories at the local children's hospital. He actually managed to turn The Godfather into an enjoyable kids bedtime story, for Maggie at least.

Don't flak the Szyslak. He may be one ugly son of a bitch, but when he cares, it shows bigly.


fbi most wanted sskealeaton
True & Honest Fan
irl animal cruelty isn't cool
but I really laughed hard noticing how they animated the dog in distress about Bart riding him
S10E21. Monty Can't Buy Me Love.mp4_snapshot_03.09_[2021.09.08_22.12.05].pngS10E21. Monty Can't Buy Me Love.mp4_snapshot_03.09_[2021.09.08_22.12.40].png

Fat Tub of Lard
Hey guys! Did you hear the Simpsons is going to have another musical episode? It's going to be awe- Oh my God what the hell is this:

It's pretty telling that they have to have Marge sing with the voice of Veronica Mars. It's like they know her voice just gets worse with each passing season. That voice just wasn't meant to be portrayed by the same actress for three plus decades. I swear, the only reason Julie Kavner still does it is because of the massive paycheck she gets from it.

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