The Official Simpsons Griefing Thread

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Feb 14, 2015
I've given up hope of the game ever getting a remaster thanks to Disney being cheapskates, so I just bought a pre-owned copy of Hit & Run for the GameCube (I got a Wii, so I'm set) for $60 on eBay, That was the best deal, Amazon was asking for over $100 for all of their copies and I've seen listings that didn't include the actual game itself (this one was the whole package, the game plus the case & instruction manual).

I played the shit out of this on PS2 as a kid, so this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane for me.
Please forgive my sins, but I’ve never played it before, so I asked for a copy this Christmas and can’t wait to see what the hype is about, has the game aged well?

Feb 23, 2021

While it does have alot of likes and while there are comments that agree, most of the top comments are disagreeing.

He doesn't say it in this video but this one instead: , but one thing that annoys me about him is that he mocks people who dont like zombie simpsons as people who quite watching for years and are somehow ignorant of current simpsons. It bothers me because most people I have seen complain about the later seasons don't like it because they watched not only zombie simpsons but the entire series.

A few examples: LS Mark's ranking of every episode, Dead Homer Dociety, the skullyfied simpsons series on that nebula blog, supereyepatchwolf, people who post here, the IMBD ratings. They all have shown to atleast watch a sizable amount of both The Simpsons and Zombie simpsons with some having watched all of them and have knowledge of what it is up to now.

One of the things that the comments say under the first video link is that he completely ignores the concept of flanderization and that alot of the things he says about its early years is what people like about it in the first place.

also earlier it was posted that Dead Homer Society is down but they are back, just under a generic wordpress domain and inactive:
I am still thinking of this video. I just don't understand how someone can mock essentially call 90% of it's golden era as weird and then do a reversal of what everyone else says which is that the years it declined are actually good years. I also just don't understand how someone can think like that as upon rewatching season 10, it's really bad with more than half of it's episodes being "Jerkass Homer gets a job, behaves insane and obnoxious and gets hurt and celebrity guests show up for no reasons."

Syaoran Li

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Feb 19, 2017
2nd II None feat. DJ Quik - Up In Da Club

Apr 2, 2018
Some vloggers think about which predictions the Simpsons will come true in 2022.

It could be interesting to see which predictions the Simpsons did and didn't come true...for now.

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Apr 16, 2017
I miss when sneedposting wasn't political.
The /pol/ Sneed raids and the media reaction to it has really soiled the purity of the meme.
I have a strong feeling Al Jean will finally finish the series in the next few years, but I have my worries..
Even if the fucker wanted to end it (which is about as likely as colonizing Mars in our lifetimes), disney will never allow it to die and continue using it to promote their crap when needed.
The merch sales alone are what keep this trashboat afloat these days (despite physical media for the post-90s seasons selling like shit).