The Onion - King of the vegetables


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I...hate onions so much...that's why I always add them as extras to burgers, always eat onion roti and cook French onion's the prove that I'm..the boss....



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Can't stand 'em raw, but can't live without 'em cooked. Onions make damn near everything better. Hell, there are even sweet onions you can cram into certain desserts!

One of my favorite recipes is a creamy onion soup. It's literally just minced sauteed onions, salt, pepper, maybe a touch of garlic, miIk, and flour.
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I'll fry onions in bacon grease after the bacon is done, then crack an egg over them once they're caramelized. Really, i can't think of anything i've cooked recently that didn't have onions in it.
I remember not too long ago I did the same but with chorizo instead of bacon. I scrambled a few eggs and put it in a sandwich.

Honestly, the best part about the onion for me is the smell it produces when you fry it.


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If anyone wants a good and quick peasent meal, buy one of those polska kielbasa you see in the grocery store for 3.99. Slice it into rounds. Then take 3 russet potatoes (the big ones) or 4-5 large red potatoes. Dice those into squares. They can be chunky And finally the most important thing. An entire vidalia or white onion. Diced. A big one. If you get the little ones use 2 or 3.

Throw all of these things into a baking pan together. Drizzle on some vegetable oil or canola oil. Add Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Paprika (or spicier things if that is your thing). sift the mixture with your hands until everything is coated and the diced onion is evenly distributed.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.

You will feed a family of 4 for about 6 bucks.

This recipe also works with Spam. I fucking love it too. It's so simple and takes no time at all.

PROTIP: Drizzle Maple Syrup over the finished product before you eat it. You will be shocked what that maple sweetness does when combined with the powerfully savory onions potato and sausage.


Just made this

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I wouldn't have any idea how to cook soups, stocks, gravies, sauces, curries, etc., without onion.

One of my favorite things to do with/to them is run them over a microplane grater. It turns them into essentially a paste that will dissolve upon meeting hot butter in a pan for sauces, or add it into dips and dressings. It also gives you a good amount of juice you can use for flavoring things.

Once in a while, I get the white trashiest craving for an onion sandwich. Paper thin onion on white bread with mayo and salt and pepper.


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Bourbon Mollases onions.

Cut a yellow or vidalia onion into strips. In a frying pan add the strips to a table spoon of butter and get them caramelizing on medium heat.

In another frying pan add a shot (or two) of bourbon. Heat on medium until the bourbon starts to steam and bubble. Add a quarter cup of molasses, some salt, black pepper, and a cap full of apple cider vinegar. Continue to stir and reduce the bourbon and mollasses mixture until well blended and reduced.

Add it to the frying pan with the onions.

Continue to stir them all together until the mollasses and bourbon reduction has completely reduced and fully coated the onion strips.

Put those onions on a burger, or a steak.

You wont find this recipe anywhere btw. I looked for it. Had to invent it myself. The measures are my best guess. I tend to just throw things together. The amount of mollasses is probably a bit less then a quarter cup. It's a strong flavor and I tend to work with LARGE onions. Adjust accordingly.
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Still really wanna try solo baked onions like on Townsends. Probably going to use a cupcake tray and throw in a spoonful or two of chicken broth base and garlic powder in each.

Onions are awesome but for whatever reason I do not like onion rings. The breading just makes them goopy and I want to gag.
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