The Outer Worlds becomes Epic exclusive - Because of fucking course it did

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The only silver lining is that it's going to the Windows store too. So you still don't have to buy it from Epic Games.

It just boggles my mind just how much Epic is spending for these exclusives. Its gooutta be hitting 60+ million and up.

Also this is probably a Microsoft choice, not an Obsidian choice. Microsoft wants to compete with Steam. This is their way of doing it.

But I honestly don't give a fuck. I am just waiting for Cyberpunk 2020 and playing the fuck out of that on GoG. By the time that happens, in the greatness induced haze, these lesser games will be on steam, so cheap and discounted, begging for my money.

Which they probably won't get since they'll be forgotten. So suck my dick.

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Why on earth would they think abandoning Steam is a good idea? Doesn't that cut them off from, what, 90% of everyone that shops for games online?
Because Epic is willing to throw incomprehensable amounts of money at devs for deals. The Pheonix Point guy more or less said he’d still be in the black if every backer for the game did a forced chargeback. Also, do any of the Japanese Developers have large Tencent investments? I know they’re only recently starting to trust Steam, they’re doing great shot right now, and don’t usually like the Chinese much.
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You'll see publishers touting the store and shit, but Epic is really throwing money at them. It's pure bullshit. Like they're bragging Exodus sold better than last light. Because Exodus was fucking hyped and Last Light had massive optimization and performance issues when it came out. No shit it sold better.


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Eh, I wasn't particularly thrilled by the trailer anyways since it reminded me too much of WildStar which was intentionally cartoony. Plus they don't really have any of the good stock they used to since most everyone jumped ship or was under contract which was never renewed and I doubt I'd be able to join the corporation since that isn't in vogue right now, even if I could I bet they'd make them "hilariously" incompetent and such instead of an actual threat -- or some kind of Captain Planet villain.

I'm just gonna wait for Cyberpunk 2077.


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Expect more of this, while Epic tries to shill their shitty store.

Steam set a pretty decent market standard (far from perfect, but given how much power Steam has, they do surprisingly little bullshit with it, it seems). Now Epic pops up with their store and they hope to datamine their piggybank customers. No, thanks, I say.

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