The person above you's avatar is your new room mate -

Dr W

In the end, the living shall envy the dead.
I have no idea whether that avatar is male or female.

Probably going to keep my distance to avoid potential traps.


All-around bad person
True & Honest Fan
I know you're a doctor, but do you have to keep referring to the women I bring over as "fine specimens"? It's creeping them out. Though you did build a time machine out of a VW Bug and some old potra-potties, so that's cool. Thanks for sending me back to last Thursday night so I could pay my phone bill on time.

Rigor Meowtis

Good thing I don't know how to read
There is a reason I bought febreeze. Please use it as there's something strange coming from your bedroom.


All-around bad person
True & Honest Fan
I get the drapes were ugly, but what the hell happened to them? It looks like they got run through a paper shredder.


I carry on for Abigail's sake.
True & Honest Fan
Please stop bringing all the stolen relics into the apartment, some strange tank top and shorts-wearing woman with a ponytail keeps trying to sneak in and steal those back.

JM 590

"Fashion has changed"? Yeah, that's no reason to leave your dirty clothes everywhere. I bought this laundry hamper for a REAAAASONNNNNNNNNNN

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