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Just A Butt

Lift me up, like a garage door.
Y-You're not going to kill me, are you?

And can you PLEASE keep the webs out of the shower? They freak me out when they touch my face.
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The 8 of Spades

If Only You Knew How HONK HONK Things Really Are
When I said I'd give this a go, I didn't mean it was acceptable to announce a royal proclamation every time you want a bag of chips from the kitchen.
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Epic Gamer Time
Ok, I know you're a crossed out heart (I think), but can you please stop dripping blood everywhere? It's going to be really hard to explain if the police come around


Epic Gamer Time
While the sword collection is a bit weird, you have to admit that his wife makes a shitload of spaghetti!

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