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Damn Furfag

Take it or leave it, build it or ruin it, I don't have anything better to do with my time at the moment, so I'm dumping the KiwiFarms logo onto the face of PixelPlanet.,-359,694,11

Screenshot_2020-07-03 PixelPlanet fun.png

Logo Template (the black background can be any pattern, or none at all)

PixelPlanet Overlay UserScript (Woyken) :

Damn Furfag

>art and literature
The only thing this needed to be the gayest shit I've seen this year so far was that Styx picture, congrats, you did it.
Guess i forgot to mention that Styx and his spergy fans 'invaded' it.


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that sounds like the defunct Roblox clone called BrickPlanet.


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that's cool and all, but I gotta say. the massive nazi flag over germany is pretty based