The /pol/ Theory of Beta Male Facial Expressions -

See: most of the unfunny orbiters I had on facebook. They seem to view being depressed as a weirdo badge of honor. It's as though they want a cookie for realizing the world is full of darkness and most tragedies happen for no good narrative reason.

I dealt with pretty bad depression when I got out of the military. I credit building a farm and a marriage with pulling me out of it.

By no means am I saying everyone should live my life; I am being more general. How can you possibly expect to be happy if you don't DO anything? You can binge* Steven Universe when you're dead. Your chance to be active, enterprising, and have agency is fleeting.
Yes but my theory is these people are worse.

They are so profoundly unhappy they fake happiness through excessive exuberance of woke social norms.

Thats why when these people hit a hard wall they go all Anti-fa and hit a guy with a bikelock. The world doesnt conform so the solution is fix yourself or attack the non conformists

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"Fake it 'till you make it" is a widely misinterpreted aphorism.

Yeah, I think you are correct; it's a mask. People waste a lot of time with masks, because they're all convinced anyone is looking at them to begin with.

Yes - has something to do with DHT / free testosterone iirc
They don't have abnormally high testosterone; their bodies just can't handle their normal male testosterone levels.
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!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
This thread makes me feel better about not showing my teeth when I smile.
Are you really that worried massive autists who can't parse facial expressions will call it a soy smile and mistakenly post it here?