The /pol/ Theory of Beta Male Facial Expressions -


each malted milk ball might be their last
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Sad. And pathetic. Imagine being proud of being the greatest consoomer of something like this. Probably the most I've ever consoomed the same media would be A Scanner Darkly by Phil Dick, and I lost count after 10 times, but even that is still probably less than 20. And that's an absolute masterwork by a genius at the height of his power. This is some fucking MCU garbage. Maybe good as MCU garbage for manbabbies goes, but still, it's no fucking Casablanca.

Jeff Boomhauer


Surprisingly NOT one of his thumbnails.

Kosher Snake

get woke and I make your neck go broke
How much money you wanna bet that the cunt with a neckbrace is gonna blame it on COVID?
yknow whats weird? all these posts about someone hospitalized because "cops r bad"(especially during post-floyd) are instagram posts... instagram is owned by zuckbook, whos to say that the same "trust and safety" people aren't vetting the posts in instagram too? just spitballing here

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My four-year-old nephew says this children's entertainer, named Blippi, is "weird" and "stupid." From what I've seen of him, I'm inclined to agree.View attachment 2018667
What’s the over under on this guy being a pedo?

From Wikipedia:
John started making gross out videos in 2013 under the persona of Steezy Grossman, a boy who was born as poop after his parents had anal sex.[8] Under his Steezy Grossman alias, John developed videos such as "Turdboy" and "Underwear Man". In a 2013 video John performed the Harlem shake on a toilet and defecated on a naked friend.[8][3] When the video was unearthed by Buzzfeed in 2019, John said, "at the time, I thought this sort of thing was funny, but really it was stupid and tasteless, and I regret having ever done it."[9]John used DMCA takedown notices to remove the video from social media and internet search engines.[10]

If a facial expression which lasts for about 1 second is the only thing they're concerned about and not the Cheeto-incrusted neckbeard and the MLP T-shirt stained with year-old semen, it's not gonna help them.


survivorship bias
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This thread reaffirms my belief that those people are incels and do whatever shit they can so possibly a woman gives them attention.

A real men doesn't have to do those stupid faces.
I real man simply lifts his leg, and the wafting ball stench either makes the ladies pass out, or slide over on a wave of their own love juices. That's science.

Coffee Shits

Did someone say "wattage"?
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Yet another Jack Scalfani, supposedly a right wing evangelical, in fact, the most prolific cuckface alive.

View attachment 2059744
This fat bastard would suck your cock harder than Richard C. Mongler.
Jack's bug-eyed, mouth-agape expression is his professional face. Sloppily plastered all over his website (archive) like the slop he serves up with his last remaining functional limb.


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