The police just raided the house of the Kiwi above you. What contraband did they find? -


*sniff* something smells like shit and clownery
3 tons of krokodil, a dead CIA agent, and an asbestos mine run by slave labor

Syaoran Li

Commie Punks Fuck Off!
True & Honest Fan
A jug of corn liquor, a box of hentai DVD's, a brick of cocaine, and a Milwaukee Sawzall as well as a live chicken, a weed whacker, and some Cool Whip.


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
Manifesto for attempting to overthrowing the Venezuelan government and a cache of weapons (Including a long range supersonic cruise missile.)

microsd cards hidden behind picture frames with folders labeled “CP” “bomb instructions”, but they were just filled with fury porn.


Chose Wisely
True & Honest Fan
A USB drive containing absolute, irrefutable proof of the non-existence of God. The drive next to it contains absolute, irrefutable proof of the existence of God. Also dozens of empty booze bottles.