The police just raided the house of the Kiwi above you. What contraband did they find? -


Chose Wisely
True & Honest Fan
A copy of the local phone book from 1986 till 2000 with all the pages divisible by 6 defaced with purple crayon.
Bottles of cleaning fluid for a rug cleaner, but no machine.
20 crates of Skittles.


my ship sails in the morning
4 Cases of Cup Noodles, 8 12 Packs of Dr. Pepper and a Gallon of Mayonnaise

But they didn't find the statue because it's hidden in all that junk

Nurse Ratchet

True & Honest Fan
  • A half roll of chrome duct tape
  • A full roll of hot pink duct tape
  • Expired tin of mustard sardines
  • A VHS copy of The Doom Generation (no VCR was recovered)
  • A 500mb SATA hard drive with.. ..are those hammer dents??
  • A rusty, unloaded revolver with lipstick stains on the barrel
  • A half-empty blister pack of Loestrin birth control
  • A 500ml bottle of Head&Shoulders 2-in-1
  • A 60lb bag of lime
  • One single spoon. Wooden.
  • 326 blank journals
  • An anime pillow
  • A BLM yard placard
  • 2,852 empty 2-liter bottles of Code Red
  • A white Bic lighter
  • A dot matrix printer
  • Lawn darts
  • 64-ct box of sidewalk chalk