The Proper Way to Prepare a Hot Dog (or brat, or sausage) -

My sister was a radiographer. She told me that it was a thing with gays and the more adverterous heteros to freeze hotdogs and insert them where the sun does not shine. The idea was the intense cold would make muscles contract and whoa a great time for someone. Not the ER staff, who often had to pluck these things out of someone's ass or vagina.
I've never been able to look at hot dogs in quite the same way with out feeling mildly ill.
A few months later I was invited with my co-workers to a party at our bosses place. He was full on OTT gay. And guess what he served up? Hotdogs. People had to bring a plate - and the office swingers (M & F), one of whom had been photographed engaging in unusual athletic pursuits that involved vegetables, brought frankfurters.
I made my excuses and left. I have standards, y'know.


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a grilled (or heaten up) hot dog weinie, and a soft warm bun, with whatever toppings you want (to me, it's mayo, ketchup, chili, and mustard)
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I cook mine with a butane torch if there's no campfire around. No buns (too fattening), just a slice of white bread. Top it with the big three: mustard, relish, and ketchup.
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There is one case where ketchup can enhance a hot dog - if you also top it with some homemade mac and cheese and a touch of diced sweet peppers. Even then, it has to be a spicier ketchup brand than Heinz.


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Putting condiments on good meat is sacrilege.
If you're gonna slather something in sauces, then make it cheap, even a tofu dog.
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Sperging over console gaming.
I agree, but the OP said or brat or sausage. If it's a good sausage, it's already more than delishus all by itself and extras just spoil it. If it's a dollar store 8 pack, then, yeah. hose it down with whatever.
Ah, but it all depends on what the extras are. Heinz ketchup and yellow mustard can fuck the hell off when a good sausage is involved, but some sourkeaut and some peppers can elevate it. I am allergic to onions, but for all who enjoy those, let them.
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Take them out of the package and immediately deposit the pig rectums sausage or hotdogs into the trashcan where they belong.
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