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The Punisher SaltNo Fun Allowed as well as No Exploration of the Trauma that Endless War Brings

Discussion in 'Salt Mine' started by Secret Asshole, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. It's very simple. One man standing up against those who would make him a victim is an acceptable narrative, but not if he wins.

    If the person wins with his own skills and ingenuity against a powerful entity or, God forbid, the government, it makes people believe that they, too, can succeed on their own against injustice. No, justice is only had through the (self-)appointed champions who will go out, collect loads of donations, and then make a few token gestures toward changing the Patriarchal Hate Machine System before asking for another round of donations (don't ask where the first round went).

    That is the Correct Method, and anything suggesting doing otherwise is badthink.
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    Vorhtbame Drinks her agua to that

  2. I'm starting to think it's all just wrongfun brigading. It's on all sides and about everything. Slathering it in politics is not new, though it has completely taken over lately on every side. There used to be a lot more garment-rending over canonicity. I've seen the same kind of shit over all kinds of stories.

    Someone who doesn't like a lot of violence in their entertainment isn't gonna like The Punisher, and that's fine. Everyone doesn't have to like everything. But trying to make everything into something you would like is -- well, rude. It was obnoxious to make Superman into an edgelord in the 90s, and it's obnoxious to try to make the Punisher embrace nonviolence. Nerds are horrible at minding their own business.
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  3. It is. Because today in your English/Culture/Communications classes you have all this bullshit that everything is political and human beings are easily influenced. Fantasy doesn't. Superman doesn't make you want to jump out and fly just like The Punisher doesn't turn you into a vigilante. The people who typically like 'The Punisher' are people that progtards hate. Namely cops and soldiers. Cops and the military are two things liberals hate most, followed very closely by guns and white people. A white person, who was in the military, acting as the law, using guns? You got yourself a bingo my friend.

    All of these things are things that progressives hate. So, on the surface, this really is all about politics. Fuck, even vox.com gave the show a 4 out of 5 with a headline about 'White Male Anger'. So even though they included their politics, they still saw a good show. And you could see the author constantly repeating it through the article. So I genuinely believe a lot of bad reviews are because people are unwilling to look any deeper than 'Punisher bad, guns bad, killing bad, military bad, bad show'.

    These people don't care about 'rude'. They care about what they like. A lot of people today aren't nerds. They only come into contact with nerd shit because its worth billions. They say they are into it, but just want it changed so it fits them because I swear to fucking christ a lot have people have become clinically narcissistic. Or because it ruins it for other people. Spite is a HUGE thing for progtards. Pointless spite. My friend's girlfriend, who hates violent shows, loved it out of all the Marvel shows (though how she got through 12 and 13 are beyond me).

    (And I think the Superman Edgelord shit was trying to capitalize on the 90s edgelord shit in comics. I mean, comics were pushing so much edge back then I don't even think you could physically count it as a surface anymore. Look at this shit:

    why does hulk need a gun

    look this guy has twice as many guns and some blood and chains

    this is not the punisher, this is edgelord superman wearing all black and shooting a pistol and a rifle at the same time, super fast. he also has metal toes and pointless buckles, braces and cables. and gaunlets for some reason)
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  4. I know that a lot of it is people trying not to get ostracized by their friends, broader community, and even workplace. I know it personally. For most people the bulk of it is actually subconscious, and when they realize what's been going on, they'll stop. Usually quietly. Sometimes with as many (metaphorical) guns blazing as a 90s comic book hero. The two main ways people react to escaping from a cult, really.
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  5. Isn't that interesting? Progressives always claim political correctness is just about "politeness." But they have no interest in politely tolerating anyone who does not agree with them politically. They'll crush you with the weight of the frenzied mob for simply disagreeing with them or not agreeing enthusiastically enough. "White male anger?" They won't get much pushback on that one. But don't you dare mention how angry the average, progressive militant dyke or American black dude seems.

    It's fascinating how often they deceive by purely protecting their own "sins" onto others. It's almost an iron law of SJWs.
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  6. So he can engage targets at distances greater than hand-to-hand distance?
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  7. Cause that's actually kinda badass.
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  8. Kinda boggling, really. The series was as SJW-ified as The Punisher could be. All the competent supporting characters are women, the main one is even nonwhite and nonromantic. Frank tosses his son around for some diet racism. Hell, there's even an entire B-plot about how people trying to be Frank are bound to fuck up.

    No appeasing some people, I guess.
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  9. If you're calling that Iranian Homeland chick competent then you have to be crazy, she was even called out by Micro for being so stupid and unprofessional.

    I agree with you on the B-Plot thing though, I already mentioned how it was basically a gun control debate in action movie form.
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  10. She was a competent moral authority, at least. I got the impression that she was supposed to be mirror-dimension Punisher - doing the same thing as him from within the system instead of without. If she toed the line 100% of the time, the contrast wouldn't work.

    Except for the last episode. She just shit out all her training on the way to that park.
  11. All of them are fucking hypocrites, i even saw people praising the show and saying that "this is the first time that punisher has been portrayed on tv" when in reality Punisher had 3 movies and even appeared in the old Spiderman cartoon iirc, i personally liked the second one, other things that i saw was people complaining about how over the top the violence was, i suppose those persons never readed the most Edgy run of the Punisher (Punisher MAX) that even include a Lady Punisher that killed herself (just imagine her being portrayed in the MCU, twitter having a meltdown because "trivializing" suicide and all that shit), heck the comics even clearly state how crazy Frank is and how no one want to deal with him (just remember his short tenure in Civil war where he helps Spiderman after he is beaten by Iron man but Captain America expel him from the Secret avengers after he killed a couple of villains in front of the team)

    Seriously complaining about how violent The Punisher is, is like complaining about how the water is wet , also the blatant ignorance of wannabes (some of them even blue checkmarks and "professional critics") make me laughs

    (Read Punisher MAX faggets is good)
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    Cubanodun Serious

  12. Nah, that chick was stupid as hell and beyond incompetent. It didn't help that she spends half of her on-screen time naked and getting plowed instead of doing her job.
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  13. I felt a little sjw marvel bleed through into this show. The gun control angle with the senator. Crappy female lead. Even with that said I did enjoy the show. Jon Bethal just nails the punisher for me. Just like he did in the walking dead. He does broken man who is going to murder everyone who needs it so damn good. The thing that slays me is the critics. Honestly what did they expect? He is a character that ruthlessly kills criminals.
  14. Yeah, but that senator is clearly positioned as a complete hypocrite, as he not only immediately uses the gun, he also takes it with him and uses Karen as a human shield.

    I'd say that both sides were represented in that episode.
  15. I'd say so as well. You have the detective from 'The Wire' as the fake Vet/Stolen Valor guy (you will not believe how common this shit is) as the NRA guy. He disrespects the vets by just stealing it for himself to make himself look good and influential.

    Then you have the gun control senator who is a massive fucking pussy, completely unwilling to stick to his ideology when it matters and talks about what voters want to hear because it makes himself look good and influential.

    The only statement 'The Punisher' makes on gun control is that there are people on both sides who are really shitty, willing to exploit you for their own benefits and you really need to examine these people to show what they really stand for (represented by Curtis with the NRA guy and Karen with the Senator). I mean the Senator got his own Rashomon episode, basically saying this very point.
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  16. I want them to adapt The Slavers for season 2 just to hear the REEEEing about what he did to Vera.
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  17. A lot of faggots just hate the Punisher on principal alone. See this Whedon quote

    Also its worth noting that this argument could literally apply to any super powered hero ever. I mean we are talking about universes where every fucker can shoot lasers from their eyes and can pretty much wipe out a fucking state at the snap of their fingers. Heck even Marvel's civil war was started because some super baddie literally exploded and took out a city block or some shit. Out of most people in the Marvel Universe fucking Frank is the one doing the least collateral damage by sheer scale alone.

    Joss also would have the Punisher act wildly out of character...

    ,,,just so he could make it a point to have the Punshier get his ass kicked by a girl super powered mutant.

    The whole point of the Punisher character is to be a street level hero. He is the guy that deals with shit that is too small for the Avengers but too big for SWAT.

    A lot of faggots like Wheaton have it in their head that Frank literally kills anyone for jay walking. That is not what his character is supposed to fucking be. He is the kinda guy that kills the Cartel leaders, Human Traffickers, Slavers, etc. The kinda people that do horrific things to the point where I am not even sure I can post pics on this site to show how fucked up they are.

    Honestly if anyone wants a good idea of how the Punisher is supposed be, read the Punisher: Black and White by Nathan Edmondson.

    Where he does the Punisher in a very tatickewl style where he deals with cartels in LA who are using low level super powers. He is supposed to be Humanity Fuck Yeah tier in a way, just a human (a Salty hardened as fuck special forces tier guy, but still human) taking on low level super powered baddies and legions of mafia hitmen.

    Pic related:

    Edit: Showing off pics of good Punisher shit. Its amazing how much better the series is when you get someone who actual has a basic understanding of how to draw guns, and knows how to draw actual stances rather then just throwing random shit on the page. Good modern Punisher should take inspiration from the likes of John Wick and Strike Back.

    The-Punisher-Mitch-Gerads-Teaser-610x925.jpg cf33863e7e911b1fbc47667fd01fd5a0.jpg
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  18. Even I could see that's not in-character for The Punisher. But with Joss Whedon writing, The Punisher was either going to turn evil and be beat up by a little girl or turn into a quipping machine. Who let Joss Whedon write The Punisher, anyway? I've always considered that letting Whedon write anything is basically a crime against humanity, but I'd think even his adoring fans could see that particular combo would not end well.
  19. We live in a world where someone thought an open anti-nationalist should write a GI Joe comic book. Anything is possible.
  20. I hate to tell you this, Joss, but...

    Captain America killed a lot of people. Nazis. Literal fascists. If you've got a problem with people killing, then you're siding with the Nazis and that makes you literally Hitler.

    Literally. Hitler.

    Vorhtbame Drinks her agua to that