The Ramen thread, instant noodles and the like

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Xerxes IX

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Dec 27, 2015
I use 2pacs of flavoring per serving and throw away the extra noodles. Coz I'm worth it.
But is the high blood pressure worth it

I like beef Top Ramen and can't stand the beef flavored Cup Noodles; the opposite is true with the chicken flavor. But since they're both Nissin brand, I don't think the same flavors are supposed to taste different. Green onions and eggs are my shit though.

Wally Balljacker

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Jan 25, 2015
Depending on how much effort I want to put into my lunch breaks, I'll either reach out of my gigantic bin of bargain-priced Top Ramen, or go for a dollar pack of the Chow Mein brand noodles as it has a few more steps than just a flavor packet. With the Chow Mein, I usually shoot for anything Teryaki or Spicy, chicken or beef depends on my mood. Having said that, my absolute favorite is the Thai peanut.

If I'm at home, I'll experiment a little bit with the Top Ramen: poached or hard-boiled egg, chopped celery, minced garlic, cubed carrots, red peppers, or basically whatever I have on hand that I feel would compliment the other ingredients. I've known people who just throw a little bit of everything at once, and somehow it comes out tasting like nothing.

But I'll never, ever go for the 'pre-cooked' udon noodles ever again (I forgot the brand). It makes everything smell and taste like Play-Doh.


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Dec 17, 2013
For expensive ramen, I like Nong Shim.

For cheap ramen, I like Maruchan Pork and Shrimp.

I always add eggs and veggies when I cook for a meal. For a snack I just leave it as is.


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Aug 12, 2016
I'm disappointed nobody's posted this culinary masterpiece yet



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Jul 12, 2013
I usually get the korean black bean kind, and add cooked shredded carrots and green beans. If I get the really spicy (red bag) korean noodles I dont use the whole flavor pack, so it wont be too spicy. The other day I got maruchan noodles but instead of using the flavoring I cooked the noodles, poured out all the water, and mixed pieces of Kim chi and some of the kimchi juice into the noodles, it was really good.


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Apr 17, 2016
Not a fan of Yakisoba, but I used to think Top Ramen and Maruchan were the shit until I went to the big-city Asian Market. Oh my god was I wrong. Mama is one of the brands, another is Korean and the company name escapes me atm.

Anyway, They're oddly great from the package without anything added, Mushroom and vegetarian are the fucking best for when you want to add pork or chicken plus veggies tho. Not to mention, the noodles are pretty firm due to having boiling water poured over them as opposed to sitting in boiling water for more than two minutes.
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Rabid Weasels

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Jun 19, 2015
Shin black is my fave brand, i found it in cup style recently...the noodles are different though, flat instead of round and nowhere near as good as package. I like to add dried shitake, kimchi, green onions, whole egg (poached), nori/gim sliced up, and sometimes a few pieces of frozen squid or shrimp.

Edit to add: how could I forget the slice of american cheese?!?! Seriously.

But, for the ultimate ramen-ish experience, you guys have to try buddae jjigae. AKA korean army base stew.
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Feb 3, 2013
The only kinds you can get around here is a brand called Mr Noodles, Shin Ramyun and various store's brand.
I've only tried the Mr Noodles brand


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Jun 20, 2014
I used to eat quite a bit of chili Top Ramen.

(not really ramen) Now I just boil up some noodles (usually veggie rotini or shells), add garlic, chipotle powder, some spicy Ms Dash, fresh black pepper. Add some bell pepper and habenero, ghost pepper if I can find it, and whatever else veg I have around. Throw in some chia seeds and chipotle Cholula.

Either way I prefer it as just noodles, not soup.

I have never had 'real' Ramen. And there are a few Asian markets around where I could probably find better noodles, but I've never been.


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Dec 27, 2014
I have never had 'real' Ramen. And there are a few Asian markets around where I could probably find better noodles, but I've never been.
Some of the asian stuff is definitely better. I would recommend Shin raymun.. comes in a red bag. But there are some brands that are pricey. So remember with more expensive ramen you get diminishing returns as far as quality goes.

Jaded Optimist

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Mar 4, 2015
If you ever have broth left over from noodles you can use it to make some yummy stuff.

1) boil some eggs, peel them, then soak them in the broth overnight (in the fridge). The next day you have delicious seasoned eggs. I usually throw some soy sauce or hoisin to the broth to have a stronger flavour.

2) Chill the broth, add some oil (peanut or canola), maybe a Lil sesame oil, some green onion, and a bit of rice wine vinegar (I also add some fresh grated ginger). Chill in the fridge usually for an hour or more so the flavour blend, and now you have some Asian salad dressing.

John Titor

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Jun 29, 2013
As someone who sometimes eats cupped noodles, what are some of your favorite brands of ramen/instant noodles? If so, what modifications do you make to your noodles? Lately I've been eating Shin Ramyun, the spicy flavor. Sometimes i put some chopped onions and carrots in my noodles.
My favorite brand.

I just add a raw egg for texture. Shrimp if I'm not feeling lazy. Haven't tried anything adventurous.

One of my favorite ramen places is called Shinsengumi. Not sure how widespread they are.


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Nov 9, 2016
If you don't have issues with sodium and are looking for a nice, salty treat on a budget then you should definitely try one packet of Maruchan chicken ramen mixed with Wendy's Sweet Chili sauce and two ketchup packets. I used to do this on a regular basis when I was flat broke going through school and it saved me cash on those evenings I just wanted something along the line of flavored chips.