The Ramen thread, instant noodles and the like

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Apr 12, 2018

Got a packet of one of these bad boys but I can't have them until like a week later because of wisdom teeth surgery, fml


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Apr 15, 2014
If I'm making instant ramen at home I usually do the cheapest cup noodles possible, and if I'm feeling fancy I'll get nissin raoh

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Top with a soft boiled egg and its pretty alright.

When I visited Japan I fell in love with the cheap chain Ichiran, their food was fucking delicious and hit the spot at 3 am while hammered. Their instant noodles you can buy off amazon are as good as it gets IMO for ramen in the states, no other local places can compare at all. Since Ichiran is pretty expensive to order off amazon I'll only ever make it when I can prepare a couple soft boiled eggs in mirin/soy sauce and cook up some pork belly to top it with. Those two + some minced garlic will elevate it from pretty damn good to absolutely fantastic.

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I distinctly remember seeing that brand of ramen in a Don Quixote in Tokyo. They even sell the toppings to go with your ramen.