The Ramen thread, instant noodles and the like -

This is the PopTeamEpic comic that hits closest to home because the only people who like Chicken ramen over Beef are fucking degenerates and enemies for life.

This is the only instant ramen I'll eat. Spicy beef flavor, honestly it's perfect.
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Has anyone noticed that Maruchan has dropped to Top Ramen level of quality in the past two or so years?
Everything from the packaging, to the noodles themselves, have become much cheaper.

That said, Shin Ramyun master race. Add some Kimchi amd stir-fry mix, and you have yourself a time.
I have noticed that. Did it taste like you were just eating a oversalted broth and gritty noodles?

Plus Preach It Shin Ramyun is now replacing Maruchan with it becoming accessible now

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Nissin's Cup Noodles suck ass but Nissin's Nissin Raoh in the packet is delicious for an instant noodle. Don't even have to add shit but sometimes I'll throw in some leftover meat or boil and egg and put it in. If I want spicy I'll go for Nongshim though it seems like they been chinsing out on the fish cake.


Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
7-Eleven’s Vegitable Tanmen and Hard Carbonated lemon Sparkling water.
The ramen has non flash fried noodles and actual Broth.
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Damn property taxes f**k up everything.
Seven-Eleven has been owned by a Japanese company since the 90s right? It's a shame American Seven-Eleven still sucks, not expecting an oden counter but something better then a dried out hotdog would be nice.
7-Eleven International, yep the Japanese owns them.

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I work at a sushi/ramen place but I think our tonkatsu is a bit lacking in toppings. I just modified my own using a packet of top ramen as a base. Added soy sauce and sriracha into the broth, soft boiled an egg, added baby carrots, baby spinach, scraped some corn off a preboiled cobb, and a slice of lunchmeat ham. Not perfect but decently good.


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Being Asian I have a lot more exposure to ramen. Shin Ramen is easily one of the best kinds you can get outside of an oriental market. Indomie is a personal favorite of mine since I grew up on it. I recommend buying Mi Goreng(Fried noodles) or the yellow/green soup flavor kind if you ever find yourself in an oriental market. Personally I don't recommend Mi Goreng Rendang(Fried noodle beef). It might be because of my dislike for beef, but it could be because I remember disliking it at some point when I had boxes stacked at home.

If you're looking for something genuinely spicy, I recommend Samyang. That is the only genuinely spicy ramen I've ever had. Get rid of as much water as possible when you're straining the ramen.

I'm not much of a cook, but if you're too lazy to improvise your ramen, you can just crack an egg over a pot of boiling water as your cooking the ramen. I use the ramen as a raft so the egg(s) won't splash. If you have a ramen cup/bowl that isn't made of styrofoam, you can do the same and microwave it. Obviously add water unless you want a potential smoking hazard. Sometimes I add rice with my ramen but I wouldn't recommend it much since I tend to eat most things with rice.