The Ramen thread, instant noodles and the like -

I tried this for lunch today. When I bought it I had no idea what I was buying (I like the mystery). Apparently its a dried tuna jerky in a fish sauce. I'm glad I tried it but I don't think I'll be buying this particular flavor again. I loved Wang's Clam Kalguksu, though.


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Two things I've tried lately are milk ramen which is just where you replace the water with milk and it turns the sauce all creamy almost like an alfredo sauce. I used Shin Ramyun to make it. It was really good and also cut some of the spice.

Edit: I should mention that you should still boil the noodles in water and stir fry the noodles milk and seasoning mix.
Here's the video I got the idea from.

The other thing was that I had some leftover tandoori chicken and put it in with some basic chicken flavoured ramen and added some finely chopped purple onion and cilantro. Out of this world seriously try it!

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Shin ramen is great, but about 2 years ago my asian coworkers introduced me to neoguri. Cannot stop eating this shit.

Its perfection.
My ghetto way of making it is to simply boil water on the side, pour it into a bowl with the ramen, and throw it in the microwave for 3 minutes (Stir on occasion). While you wait, chop up either green or red onions, they both kinda go well. If you have any chicken, dump it in once you pull the bowl out of the microwave. Ham is acceptable, but only if chicken is totally gone. If you have garlic powder I would add it at this point.

Then, find a soda. Dr. Pepper is the only correct answer.
The spicy ramen + the carbonated drink = masochistic joy.
But, expect a long time on the toilet afterwards.


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Okay. So I had to order these noodles online.

Now, I quite like hot and spicy foods. Nothing can be too hot for me, so I thought I'd give these a go.

While they were quite hot and did make my mouth numb, I did not cry tears as advertised. Very disappointed.

Nice flavour 7/10.
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Okay. So I had to order these noodles online.

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Now, I quite like hot and spicy foods. Nothing can be too hot for me, so I thought I'd give these a go.

While they were quite hot and did make my mouth numb, I did not cry tears as advertised. Very disappointed.

Nice flavour 7/10.
I've tried the regular spicy kind and it's so spicy I was hollering. You are brave as hell.

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Speaking of Korean ramen I see a lot of koreans putting a slice of processed cheese into their ramen and mixing it in. I'm both horrified and intrigued. Has anyone ever tried this?

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I picked up about a dozen different instant noodles, cups, and bowls last time I went to my local Asian grocery. Most of them were okay but this one stood out among the others. Highly recommend.
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So here's the thing, 99% of the folk picking up those pre-packaged ramen packs are rather:
A: Trying to eat cheap.
B: Don't want to do dishes.
C: Trying to slowly kill themselves with the amount of salt so it doesn't look like a suicide to everyone else they know and are too skittish to stage an accident instead.

We all know we can buy the noodles in bulk and I'm sure everyone's seen that lil ethnic section at the grocery store with all the sauces and such can be bought. Let's be honest though. We're too lazy for that bs and just want something we can rip the lid off and pour some water in before the microwave dings in about 4-5min. Maybe by the time you're done with that round of Call of Duty or whatever the hell you're doing, the noodles might've soaked up enough of the water and now all ya gotta do is dump the seasoning in and stir.

So, despite all the better options, you're gonna go to the damn store to the ramen section, no, not that one, the cheap ramen section back over there by the canned shit with the 24-packs on the floor level that have gotten hit by more grocery carts and brats wanting to kick things now that beating them isn't considered discipline anymore. You know the one I'm talking about. Ya got your big pack-o-squares that are dirt cheap and if you want to pretend you got some dignity and not wanting to kneel down on you knees begging for generic BBC (bland beef/chicken), you lift your head up to the shelf that slightly higher than the floor to the actual dick-sucking level of those 94cent Nissin packs and those cardboard bowl things. This isn't your first time here and you know it. Act like it.

Now as someone undoubtedly familiar with this place, you've likely noticed that sometimes the flavor of the one on sale you actually like is sold out and while you are still on your knees, you do understand that there's only so much an asshole can suffer through and there's no point being here saving some cash if you gotta spend it on medicated lube to dunk that plug in. Yeah, we know where you hid it. So, here's what ya do. You're gonna break down and hand over that crusty cash for those flavors you don't want to even eat but shut yer hole and listen. You're not buying them for the seasoning. That's what's bending you over. No, you're just wanting the noodles and the packaging. Remember, you're just wanting all the advantages of buying the stuff over on the fancy isle without having to do dishes because you're lazy and would have to do all the other dishes in the sink before you could even start cleaning the ones you'd mess up trying to cook something. Seriously, go clean up your kitchen. Alright, ya got the second-cheapest noodles in the cheap section. Ignore the judgmental looks from the other shoppers trying to pretend they're having a hard time choosing between the half-dozen different shaped versions of Chef Boyardee over there. I know you like it when they watch but settle you're kinky ass down. They're just waiting for you to get out of the way so they can have their turn for sloppy seconds and are hoping you don't clear the shelf off before then. Rather you do or not, I don't care. Just make sure you put two or three of them back after you realized you grabbed too many so you have enough cash to grab one of those bouillon cubes sitting right next to them.

So, ya bought your shit and now your back home, standing in the kitchen feeling guilty about your life choices. Alright, ya done trying to lie to yourself about cutting back on the soda? Good. Now here's where ya start to learn something.
1. Open up your ramen.
2. Take out the veggie packet and the seasoning packet.
3. Throw away the seasoning packet. (Leaving that laying around is just asking for problems later.)
4. Add the water to the noodles.
5. Add the veggie packet.
6. Microwave 4-5min as usual.
7. Use those memories of all the years of opening packets to guess how much of the bouillon cube you need to shave off over the noodles. You know exactly what it should look like.
8. Stir
9. Let it set for two or three minutes so you don't burn yourself and give those noodles time to soak up the seasoned juices.
10. Eat and use your newfound confidence to think of all the creative ways to make ramen better before remembering why you're here.
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C: Trying to slowly kill themselves with the amount of salt
You caught me.

Might I suggest though keeping the seasoning packet and using to make rice with you can spread it out over a much bigger portion so it's not a salt overdose. It can be used to make some pretty amazing fried rice. The Buldak stuff especially I find really good as a rice flavouring.


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Sapporo ichiban has a line of ramen based on what they serve at Momosan, Masaharu Morimoto's ramen restaurant, it was very tasty especially since the vast majority of the ramen I've consumed is just cup o' noodles, ramen that tastes like food is pretty exciting. I dressed it up with a poached egg, sweet chili sauce, and furikake.

(Poached egg is also my go-to topping for the chicken tortilla cup o' noodles. Easy way to add some protein to the meal!) Left the Pretz in the background, those taste amazingly like actual corn and are very addicting.


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