the reason I'm gaining weight - 02/21/21 February 21, 2021

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What Amber claims to eat in a day...

Meal #1: Premier Protein Shake: Cookies and Cream -- 160 calories

Meal #2: Veggie Stir-Fry: baby carrots (35 calories), broccoli (60 calories), baby sweet corn (60 calories), water chestnuts (100 calories), six tablespoons of General Tso's sauce (198 calories) -- 453 calories

-------BINGE MONSTER ATTACKED!!!!1!-------

Meal #3: One whole box of Wheat Thins (1,120 calories) & 18 tablespoons of Herb & Garlic cream cheese spread aka the whole container (600 calories) -- 1,720 calories

Meal #4: Two trays of Genoa salami -- 300 calories

Meal #5: Chocolate covered peanuts -- 400 calories

Meal #6: One whole box of couscous w/ roasted garlic olive oil -- 810 calories

Meal #7: Four tablespoons of Jif creamy peanut butter -- 380 calories

Calories: 4,223
Carbs: 472 g
Fat: 206 g
Protein: 137 g
Sodium: 8,017 mg
Sugar: 144 g

As @ADHD astutely pointed out to me, where is the takeout? I think this is what was consumed while waiting for the takeout!
The creepy sneering grin and nose wart give me similar vibes...
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I can't wait to see the mental gymnastics in this one.

Did she dye her hair? Or she put something in it? It looks very shimmery.
It looked almost gray. I thought maybe she went nuts with the dry shampoo but it looks like she dyed it.

Haven't we seen this all before? The bullshit about how she felt like a robot eating...please Amber. If you have the self awareness to know you feel robotic you have the power to put down the tub of cheese. Amber reminds me so much of Death by Jen. Every time they gain and eat like this they blame their 'mental health'. If you are aware of it yet choose to do nothing about it, the excuse is played out.
So where going down the calorie counting road again..... iam bored already.
guess the next thing to come is WW cause she cant deal with all those calories to count and needs to count points instead. of course she triggered after a few days cause all those uneaten weekly extra amber points really messes with her mind and she gets confused. so she goes back to what she knows and installs uber eats again. but this time only healthy foods, until she gets triggered and starts jennys crack diet, cause she really needs to lose a few pounds before the wedding.........
the never ending circle.