the reason I'm gaining weight - 02/21/21 February 21, 2021

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It's been a while, but I saw on /r/fatlogic (I'm pretty sure it was there, it's been a while) that after a year of maintaining your new weight, your set point "resets", so a person wouldn't have to deal with their body fighting them to gain the weight back forever.

It's also referred to as "hitting the platform" in weight loss. I experienced it personally as does everyone that wants to lose some of the chunky. You have no problem heading down until you hit a certain point and BAM, you get stuck there for a month or few weeks and can't seem to get past that weight no matter what. Staying with your plan will eventually get you past it. Mentally, it's discouraging because you're still doing what you've been doing to drop the pounds. Just have to bear with it and your body will reset and let you start losing again. Our bodies are weird in that regard, for certain!

Was different when working out and trying to lose weight. You lose, but then you gain as your body tones and muscle starts replacing fat (muscle being denser and heavier then fat). Of course, this in no way applies to Hamber because the blob barely moves, let alone works out at all. But it is common for most normal "chubby" folks that start a workout program. Hell, I had to buy new dress shirts for work because my shoulders/neck size got bigger (more muscle) and I couldn't button the old ones any longer, even though I was down in poundage.

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It's been a while, but I saw on /r/fatlogic (I'm pretty sure it was there, it's been a while) that after a year of maintaining your new weight, your set point "resets", so a person wouldn't have to deal with their body fighting them to gain the weight back forever.
I think that it is probably true and bariatric surgery does help with it, but for Amber and other super morbidly obese people, the amount to weight to lose is in the hundred of pounds and it might be to difficult for them to maintain the weight loss long enough for the “set point” to reset. Bariatric surgery probably works by allowing them to quickly lose the weight to a point where it is easier to maintain if they work at it. Amber cannot do it by herself, she cannot control her appetite. In the past, she would follow the diet for 2 or 3 days then have a “cheat” day, then fall off the wagon. Only bariatric surgery would help her.

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It's also referred to as "hitting the platform" in weight loss.

AKA "plateauing". If this fat fuck actually wanted to lose weight, she'd plateau at some point, and Big Al being who she is, she'd just quit at that moment. People who really want to get past it just keep on, and eventually everything starts moving again.


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Her eyes are red, super glassy, and her pupils are small. She's also squinting a lot more than usual or her eyelids are lower than they typically are, like she's on some sort of a downer. Maybe our gorl ate an edible, but she doesn't have the euphoria that tends go along with ingesting THC. Something is definitely off in this video, though. No self-depreciating jokes/laughing, no Becky (still), no ring, even more monotone and lifeless than usual, covered up by a more put together hair and makeup look(maybe to distract from the fact that she's zonked out of her mind). Maybe the junkie apple doesn't fall as far from the tree as we originally thought.

for me its her body language, she's swaying back and forth and what looks to be sitting on her hands (the way she puts them down makes me think she's stuffing them under her gut) and if she's not doing that her gesticulations seem off. then she shoehorns in this weird 'sorry im nervous' like it excuses the weird movements but when has she ever been nervous about lying, cause you know that's not all she ate that day.

also the way she's talking, over extending her lips like she's experiencing her mouth for the first time, and how half lidded her eyes are. her vocal fry is always nuts to me so idk, she does seem to be talking a little slower but its not matching up to her erratic body movements.

So these are all great points, thank you for answers!

To play devil's advocate...

The pupils could be because of the ring light.

Could her eyes be red and she's acting weird because she and Becky broke up and she's just had a major crying session then forgotten how to act normal? And I mean... we all know she is a major food addict, I've seen what Chantal gets like an hour after food. Sluggish and slow, heavy lidded eyes. She might have cried, stuffed her face, then turned on the camera?

The only thing this doesn't necessarily explain is the erratic movements.

And before you guys say she wouldn't cry over Becky because she doesn't care that much--it might be more of a poor-me situation. She's pretty helpless on her own so she has to find a new thumb butler, after all. Or she's missing Dusty.

Devil's advocate over, now shoot me down!


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Guys? I know someone pointed it on Sinatra's video, but where the heck is Becky?

I mean, she's not even in the background anymore.

I miss her. I'm tired of this version of Amberlynn, who might or not might be bedbound at this point.
I don’t. Becky is even more pathetic than Amber. I’ll admit I would love to see a breakup drama although I doubt it because Beckster is trapped by her own stupidity.

well looky here

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This video is so boring I legit spent most of it trying to understand what's going on with her hair. I have a shit ton of time to lose and some 'tism to evacuate. Here goes.
If she tried blue dye this would not be the result. Because of the blue pigments, one can't use blue hair dye without completely bleaching their hair first, and i'm talking completely bleaching it. Blue on blonde = green, blue on big Al = not visible.
Same goes for highlights, you get them by bleaching the hair. Now, given her natural hair color, regular highlights would be blonde, or a bit reddish (depending on how long the bleach would have been left in her hair). Silver dye on highlights wouldn't look like this.
-> I don't think she tried to change her hair color whatsoever because she's too NeRvOuS do to almost anything by herself and she'd have to find a hair salon with big chairs to accomodate her huge self.

Someone ( @Sriracha ) mentioned hair straighteners. I never used any so I can't say anything about it, though her explanation about using it on high heat makes sense

My opinion ? Not sure, given how shiny and "glossy" it looks, either she had it dyed but the same color as her original hair color (why do you ask ? idk amber logic), or she used some sort of oil that repairs/protects the hair. I don't know how to call those I've known them as Gotitas de Brillo, it's mostly liquid silicone.)
'tis but a mystery.

its just a shitload of dry shampoo and a flat iron


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Interesting that Becky seems MIA. I had assumed the big ugly engagement ring signified trouble in paradise, overcompensating for things not going well in the big city. It probably Amber that’s getting sick of Becky. She’s got uber eats and door dash now, so Becks’ usefulness has been slashed. In fact given most of the delivery services available in Lexington and covid there’s really nothing Becky does that can’t be replaced via delivery services.

This leaves Becky’s only paid duty to be companionship and housecleaning/Amber cleaning. Lol. Amber narcissism gets taken care of a lot easier by randos online kissing her ass and DM’ing her. I think Becky has just provided the warm body and empathetic grunts to narcissist friends for so long that she’s lost the ability to hold conversations.

As for Amber being high? I could see her getting a taste for pain pills after her surgery. Dr Now has commented that most of his patients are over prescribed pain pills or are addicts. Apparently when death fats complain of pain it’s pretty much the only thing doctors offer, after being repeatedly hassled and begged, because the real solution is to lose weight.
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honestly, at this point, it’s obvious that she’s been lying about how much she eats for years. even at 4500 calories a day, at her size, she’d be at least maintaining her weight, not gaining. to gain at the speed she’s gaining she’d have to at least be eating twice that. i would have more respect for her if she just admitted the truth instead of acting like she’s trying.