the reason I'm gaining weight - 02/21/21 February 21, 2021

Turd Fergusson
honestly, at this point, it’s obvious that she’s been lying about how much she eats for years. even at 4500 calories a day, at her size, she’d be at least maintaining her weight, not gaining. to gain at the speed she’s gaining she’d have to at least be eating twice that. i would have more respect for her if she just admitted the truth instead of acting like she’s trying.
I am not sure if she is really lying about how much she eats. I think that morbidly obese people are more delusional about how much they eat. If you watch any episodes of MSHPL, each participant is asked by Dr. Nowzaradan what they eat on a given day and many reports that they do not eat much, "a bit for breakfast, skipped lunch, a reasonable supper", and they really do not understand why they weight over 600 pounds. We all know that they eat a lot more but, for some reason, do not remember what they eat. When Dr. Nowzaradan gives them the 1,200 calories diet, they all say that they follow it but then either lose just a little weight or even gain.
I put Amber in the same category. She either games the system, as with WW, whereas she gives herself the maximum allowable points then overshoot that value, or counts calories but "forgets" some items, or basically deludes herself that she eats "healthy" calorie-laden meals, or consider that she has done good for a couple of days and needs to have a cheat day. Whatever the reason, you are right that she eats much more than the 4,500 calories that she claims. A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that if she gained 50 pounds during the last 6 months, it translates to an additional 1,000 calories per day. I would bet that she eats much more than that.


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ALR did start an OF, but from what I've gathered, there hasn't been any content and she will probably delete it by next month. I think she just has a picture of her neck tits as a banner and then a post just asking people what they want to see.
She never delivers on any of her promises. I doubt she'll ever come back to it.


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ALR will never make Onlyfans content.
  1. her pride won't allow it; she's too good in her piggy eyes to ever lower herself to sex work.
  2. she makes enough money on YT and Superchats anyway.
  3. she'd rather just monkey-branch onto the next sub-90 IQ lesbian she can leech off of. That's her preferred method of survival.
  4. and this is the most important factor-effort. Amber can barely muster the energy to pump out a handful of clickbait videos and streams at the end of each month. She's not going to have the patience or the willpower to dedicate even an hour of her time uploading pics of her flappy tits and cottage cheese ass to OF every day, let alone attempt to market herself.


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Well that solves that. Or not.

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I think that Backy might have got a job
Don't be spreading those crazy conspiracy theories. I would legit be more likely to believe that Biden won the election fair and square with no cheating at all than believe Becky crawled out of her neet nest and put on something other than a ironic t shirt and got an actual job.

Janice Litman
It's still hilarious how this bitch just stopped going outside, when they moved to Lexington.
Someone mentioned in another thread that her lease at The Henry should be up around July. We know she has mentioned the expensive rent a few times recently. It's likely that she has complaints from neighbors for her loud cackling and screaming "BAYBUH" through the night and probably has a strong smell all over her apartment that permeates the walls into her neighbors.

If they decline to let her sign another lease or she just can't afford the rent (somewhere between $1,200-$1,600 I think) do you think she will be forced back to Eric and Ricky's house? Would they even welcome her back? I can't imagine Amberlynn choosing to leave behind Cheesecake Factory and access to food delivery at this point, even if she claims she deleted her delivery apps. I am looking forward to late June when she realizes she can't put off all the associated bullshit with your lease being up and franticly searches for some place in Lexington that will have her so she can ensure access to precious calories at all times.