The Rebecca Williams Clan - White Trash At Its Best


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The rest of the Williams clan may have gone radio silent for now, but Ann Doran is still being vocal in Michael B Petty’s comment section...

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"She left blood everywhere in their bathroom" Well, thanks for that image...

Anyway, seems like she still WOULD use their bathroom- at her size, I'd imagine that's the more convenient option, given how she said the other shower/tub(?) was much smaller if I'm remembering right.


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The rest of the Williams clan may have gone radio silent for now, but Ann Doran is still being vocal in Michael B Petty’s comment section...

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lmao i hope he pins that one :story:

So, based on Ann's comment, Eric is also friends with her? How else would she have learned that Amber left blood all over his bathroom?
More likely that Becky told Misty then --> Norma --> Annie.

It’s getting ridiculous..why believe one word this retarted existence is shouting out? Ban Ann.
Because according to the Trash Klan, Ann is now the official family spokestard and all press inquiries should be directed to her.

And because they said that, they very clearly wanted that disgusting bit of Amberalia out there and on a hater channel.

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Sorry for my disbelief but is this ann person legit? Has it been confirmed? I find it iffy, like it could be also a catfish no? The tea just seems too hot to be true.
She's a longtime Amber hater who buddied up to Norma by buying one of her shitty craft wreaths. Her and Norma are now besties. She's real and she's very very cringy.

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Were Ann's photos and dox posted earlier in this thread? She is very much real. Whats hilarious is that she is such an old, half-witted crazy lady. She's married to a rich(ish) Indian "curry daddy" and if she isnt spending her time writing long spergy hate messages about AL or yukking it up with Norma she is posting photos of tacky jewelry hoping her fiance of 20 years will buy it for her.

Ann continues to be a psycho-stalker with prime potential. She keeps on baiting that she is about to go visit her BFF Norma but still has yet to actually do a thing. But all the shit-flinging and pot-stirring on Hater channels and comment sections is ludicrous, too. Ann, you're like 60. Have another glass of wine and sit down.

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Look what you made me do 😡 🍇

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