The Relentless March Forward -

  • Downtime due to DDoS attacks still. I'm waiting on different providers to give me what I need to deal with it long-term.


It's here, at long last. Here's where we're at for those interested in the long term prospects of the site.

I still consider the threat of Section 230 repeal real and looming, but will ignore the possibility of its repeal while moving forward.
For the sake of my health and the forum's health, I will continue business as usual until such a time it is not business as usual. The Senate has put forward a bill which includes Section 230 repeal, and prominent Republicans are supporting it. More alarming to me, however, is how dissent by the companies which have previously supported the EFF in pro-Internet, pro-Freedom campaigning is absent. I'm continuing to monitor the situation.

The forum must continue to be profitable.
Lolcows are now becoming litigant and this is expensive. It's not just a matter of me wanting to make money to be more comfortable, the site has to be able to afford litigation costs. We'll continue to do merchandise runs because they work and they're fun, but I'd also like to encourage people to use Brave and give support however they can. If my dreams come true and payment networks are regulated, we will have forum upgrades on-site. I maintain a private list of donors who support the site long term with amounts of $100 or more per month via invoice. If you're interested in doing this and have a forum account, PM me.

Promoting funny over politics.
The world is different than it was in 2015. In the time since, the Internet has been ruined with politics. In truth, we've made out better than most communities. I believe we can reduce the impact of the harrowing political realities of everyday life by bullying people more. This is an additive focus, rather than a reductive one.

In a conversation I had with @Daisymae, I came up with an idea for promoting new content. A challenge I've had in helping people submit new threads is balancing: the need for information, keeping the task simple enough anyone can do it in one sitting, and also being an objective standard with rules anyone can understand. A step towards this is what I will call the Postcard Rule.


If you can fill out this postcard, you can post your thread. Mods will still delete obvious PA requests and anything substandard to this.

Moving dox and NSFW to sign-in only.
We are having a problem with SEO. The site is more popular than it has ever been, but our search ratings are tanking on the most popular search engines. I have been able to get a hold of an engineer at the company who explained why. The change is due to recent policies against doxing and "nonconsensual pornography", i.e. nudes (even/especially when they were taken consensually, posted consensually on other platforms, and/or monetized).

In this year I will write custom code for a "doxbox" bbcode (like spoilers) and Dox/NSFW flagging on multimedia. It will be a rule, when this is implemented, that specific information (undecided, probably just phone numbers and addresses) will belong in a doxbox bbcode tag. Images with this information appropriately flagged as dox (house pictures) or nudes. These materials will be only available to users who are signed in to the site or who are browsing via the Tor network.

I realize this is somewhat antithetical to the site, but we have to handle practical problems with practical solutions. Certain individuals and identity groups are currently able to exploit these policies to hide information about their predatory behaviors. Updating the site retroactively will take a lot of work and I'm not sure at this time how I'd like to do it.

On a personal note,
Things are hard and 2021 will not be easier. If you think it will be, you'll be disappointed. Set no expectations for things that are out of your control. Focus only on the things you can control. Build a family, build an estate, acquire cryptocurrency, buy a gun, and enjoy this new normal until the new new normal comes.

New Years is always an emotional time for me. I tend to reflect and drink a bit while listening to Auld Lang Syne. My world changes a lot every year and there's a lot of people who come in and out of my life. Often, a lot of places do as well.

To all my friends, old friends, and new friends: have a happy new year and a great 2021.
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Thanks for the update, Josh. Just wanna be a sook again and commend you for everything you do for this weird little corner of the internet. I know 2021 is gonna be ShitShow 2: Civil War Boogaloo... but I hope we find some stable/profitable zen. And that I can earn enough sheks to be added to the super elite monthly donor squad.

Love and Borscht.


I'm glad I don't have to greet the new year in a state of constant fear my favorite new zealand agriculture website will go down when I'm at work / asleep and come home to a 404 so thank you for holding on strong.

I believe we can reduce the impact of the harrowing political realities of everyday life by bullying people more.

Now this is words to live by. Bullying people is fun, politisperg not so much.


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I have a few questions if you'd be willing to answer them, Null.
  1. What, specifically, do you expect to happen to you if Section 230 is repealed? If the answer is "more lawsuits", is there anyone in particular you expect to take action?
  2. My understanding of the payment network thing is this site has been dropped from those in the past. Which networks specifically did so?
Nevertheless, here's hoping 2021 is manageable enough.


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Hope the site can pull through another year. Politics made everything so fucking insufferable and boring, hard to beat things like the corn harvest or other funny shit I can just read up on in one place.

Thanks for the update.


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I believe we can reduce the impact of the harrowing political realities of everyday life by bullying people more.
Ah yes, the "violent clown" approach to suffering. Very philosophical.

Happy new year everyone, thanks a lot for the laughs (and even some warm words) the KF community has given this newfag - they have made 2020 a lot more bearable.

Perhaps 2021 will be somehow worse than this year, but remember that there are always things within your power that you can improve. When external forces move fast, you should focus on things that are tangible, and not lose sleep over what are outside of your control