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Happy New Year, Null, and to all the kiwis on this site!

Whether 2021 is better or worse than 2020, just keep your head up and keep moving forward, enjoying everyday to its fullest potential.


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Happy New Year, farmers


Thanks for everything you do to keep this site up big guy, most people would've given up long ago- especially with how many headcases the site attracts. If you gotta make some changes to cover your ass a bit more, I personally wouldn't mind. Happy new year null! Can't wait for the next merch run, I loved the stickers and the slobbermutt hoodie!

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This old-as-fuck, jaded, boomer broad is wishing you Godspeed, Josh. My new year’s resolution is to shift my Luddite ass into gear and figure how to •safely and anonymously• donate to the Farms.

This place was spawned when Free Speech and Comedy had a quick, hot, dirty fuck in the back of a 1967 Mustang, and here you are years later still fighting to get them to the Church on time.


I'm just here for Weeb-Wars at this point.
Happy new years.
May the great Series of tubes we all surf carry this site inexorably forward.

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Das rite!
I'm an old school ad hater, but perhaps a few small banners around the site would not be too bad if money is needed.


maybe a dumb suggestion but have you ever considered something like photoshop friday? back before SA became gay it was fun and promoting OC helped bolster community identity.
These events were piped into the frontpage though weren't they? We don't really have a frontpage.
These events were piped into the frontpage though weren't they? We don't really have a frontpage.
yeah they made a big deal out of it bc it was the only funny thing SA ever had on the front page. maybe a link to a thread in happenings box might be enough to test interest here. I was thinking about it like if regurgitating politics is symptomatic of a dysfunctional internet community then OC would be sign of a healthful forum. I guess the topic here would have to be cow related, idk.

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I genuinely enjoy this website and the amount of interesting discussion it brings to all topics. I think the measures you propose indicate a mature and forward-thinking mindset that is absolutely absent from 99% of the internet these days.

It's a relief to find someone who isn't blinded by idealism or extreme zealotry while still standing up for the things they believe in. Thank you for the candid thoughts on the realities of the world today, I second your advice completely.