The Republican double standard on gun rights -

TBH, just about every gun law is stupid. They’ve prevented what? No deaths or something like that. I mean FFS, in countries where guns are super restricted? They just bomb or run people over with cars (usually better death totals too). That’s why I make my own guns because fuck the government.

I don’t do this, BUT the shit you can make is insane! Explosives from fertilizer and hell even sparklers make pretty good explosives if you do it right. You’re allowed to, but check your local laws so you don’t add one sparkler too many when having fun blowing up old cars.

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When I think of Republican/conservative double standards on gun rights I think more of how they (rightly) realize that banning guns won't actually solve a damn thing, but then refuse to apply that logic to drugs or prostitution (I'll leave out abortion here because I know that's a thornier issue). Although to be fair you could just flip-flop it and say that Dems/the left also have that double standard. Anyway, it's dumb.

The other main one I've found is support for shit like stop and frisk. "NYC's gun laws are a blatant 2nd amendment violation. Also, cops should be allowed to violate your 4th amendment rights to make sure you're not breaking those unconstitutional laws."

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Everyone should have guns so nobody is able to use guns. I don’t understand what’s so confusing about that.

That leads to a new problem where the number of accidents involving guns will increase drastically because the current population are extremely stupid

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That leads to a new problem where the number of accidents involving guns will increase drastically because the current population are extremely stupid
If you shoot someone who’s about to have a gun accident then the only gun violence in the situation is both on purpose and preventative.
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...unless it's scary brown people, in which you can't own guns.
One of the arguments used in the Dred Scott decision is that if black people were to become full citizens they would gain the right to own guns, with the implication that the US constitution gives the right to keep and bare arms to all citizens.
Chief Justice Roger Taney said:
[Citizenship] would give to persons of the negro race, who were recognised as citizens in any one State of the Union, the right … to keep and carry arms wherever they went.
Due to the 14th amendment extending citizenship to black people, the right to keep and bare arms was also extended. A second amendment exception for black people hasn't legally been the case in the US since 1868. Did you just wake up from a 151 year cryogenic sleep? While I applaud you for having such progressive views for someone from the 19th century, maybe you should wait for your brain to completely defrost before you post again.


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You should view both parties as collections of interest groups rather than as bodies with concise ideologies.

The R's are pro-gun because their voters and pro-free trade because they are a pro-business party. However, they support insanely high tariffs on foreign made weapons due to funding from the NRA lobby.