The Seven Deadly Sins Of Ethan Oliver Ralph - The many sins of our "Christ Is Kang" Wigger.

Ralph's most prevalent sin.

  • Wrath

    Votes: 23 9.1%
  • Pride

    Votes: 101 40.1%
  • Sloth

    Votes: 12 4.8%
  • Greed

    Votes: 7 2.8%
  • Lust

    Votes: 11 4.4%
  • Envy

    Votes: 18 7.1%
  • Gluttony

    Votes: 80 31.7%

  • Total voters


Gawks At Wiggers
Oct 18, 2021
Despite Ralph and his fans declaration that he is a honest to God, pious, "Christ is Kang" christian one doesn't need to look far in seeing that Ralph is perhaps one of the most sinful men you will ever come across. I thought it would be fun for us to list the many sins of our favorite gunted wigger.

I will go first. Ralph's envy at Null and Reiketa for their shows being more popular then his. As Ralph has stated many times, he made Nick and both him and Null will be nothing without him. You can also tell that he has seething envy seeing the thousands of dollars that Nick makes per show compared to the pennies he makes.

Aug 16, 2019
Guilty of Gunttony.

The ghosts of Christmas past present and future will have a hard time showing him scenes with how out of shape and out of breath Ethan is. And quite frankly we all know Future will have to put up with “DATS NOTTTTT TRUEEEEEEEEE”

On second thought I’d think the Ghost of Christmas Past would have the hardest time. Handholding current Ethan around showing him all the past things he’s done while he increasingly screams about how Joshua “Brook Dick” Moon set it all up with the help of Karen Farms to spread lies
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Sep 11, 2021
Pride- he genuinely thinks his life and "journalistic career" are comparable to Hunter S. Thompson's and he's an internet shock jock as influential as someone like Anthony Cumia or Howard Stern. In true wigger fashion he talks a big game about how much money he has and how much pussy he gets when the truth is quite the opposite.

And lest we forget- The Killstream, as unbelievable as it may be, was extremely popular among the IBS crowd for a time between the Boulderstream and Knoxville before the Gunt's thin skin got the best of him and led him down the path of irrelevancy and corn. I find this story comparable to how the sin of Pride led Satan to start the War in Heaven- quite frankly! If is somehow able to continue the show post-january by either fleeing to Mexico or the prison guards somehow give him access to an Ipad an internet connection- it will be very reminiscent of like Satan's exile to Outer Darkness with the rest of the fallen angels.


CCP fears the Monke appreciator
Nov 5, 2018
I voted "Pride", but he's a rare case where all are applicable: Wrath for his near stalkery hate for Josh, Sloth for his unkemptness, Greed for his recent E-begging (and possibly going back further, I only started following him somewhat recently), Lust for his relationship with someone who is barely legal and a general air of creepiness, Envy, again, I feel that's part of why he's mad at Jersh and Gluttony because gunt.


Oct 24, 2019
Pride. Pride is the root cause of many, many sins, especially with Ethan. Pride and personal insecurities are tied together closely and Ralph's insecurities drive his issues with pride.

Ethan, in the basest levels of his consciousness, feels deeply insecure about who he is and how he appears in public. His reaction to this is to puff and posture like a rooster to compensate. The incongruity between how he wants to be seen and how he knows he is seen leads to great internal shame, embarrassment, and sadness; feelings that he drowns in caloric alcohol and smothers with unhealthy food. In this way, his pride is his source of his gluttony.

Pride, and someone challenging that Pride, lead to Ethan's displays of wroth. Anger is a natural feeling and it can have legitimate manifestations such as "righteous anger." When Jesus saw the moneychangers at the temple, he was filled with righteous anger, but not wroth. Wroth is unbridled, unrestricted anger, above and beyond what is reasonable. When someone "sees red" and strikes out against anyone and anything in his reach, that is wroth and Ethan frequently indulges in it. His weekly tantrums and tendency to end relationships over petty trifles are examples of his wroth.

One effect of Pride is that it separates us, not only from receiving God's grace, but from our families, our friends, our spouses, and from our neighbors. Pride warps a person's mind in to believing that they are above, that they are greater than others, that they are not what they are but that they are more. In addition to separating us from God and our fellow man it also causes people to think that they're above cultural and societal norms and morals. It leads us to think of ourselves, and our needs and wants, first before all else. In this way we can see that pride leads to lust, "I want to fornicate, I am great, therefore fornicating is great and I should do it." It works more or less the same way with envy, greed, and sloth.

I don't think that Ethan is unique in his issues with Pride. Personally speaking, I struggle with it constantly and I know it is a common stumbling block for others as well. I know that this is KF and this is what we do but I don't believe it's my place to judge Ethan, ascribe mortal sins to him, or say that his sin is greater than my own or anything, that is for God. God's mercy is great, so great that he can, does, and will forgive all manner and magnitude of sin for the truly penitent and remorseful. Think about how much mercy and forgiveness you want God to have for you; that is the amount we should have for others and for Ethan. All I can say for sure is that Ethan deals with grave matters constantly, and he consistently places himself in environments that provide a near occasion to sin. I pray that God builds his faith, that he reconciles with our Lord, and that he changes his behavior in the future.

That's the Catholic in me, don't get mad about me moralfagging, this thread kind of invited it. The Farmer in me knows that Ethan probably won't change, and I can't stop watching the results.


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Sep 17, 2021
Seems to me there is a correlation. The louder someone screams "Christ is kang!" , the more of an absolute hypocrite they turn out to be. Difference is, your average minister/priest/mullah/rabbi tends to try to keep their degeneracy under wraps. Televangelist may be robbing the desperate, lost and gullible masses, then using that money for hookers, blow and private jet liners, but they're smart enough to do all that shit BEHIND the cameras and not broadcast it or even worse, BRAG about it.
Then again, none of Ralph's paypigs are actual followers of any given religion, it's all a bullshit game. Ralph yells "Christ is kang!" and his retard fans yell it back. Not because they actually believe it, but because it's the current underdog position in mainstream politics.

Dec 20, 2021
He has too much pride and he is very gluttonous but I don't think he'd be in any of the trouble that he's in or burned so many bridges if it wasn't for his wrath.


Aug 4, 2016
Gluttony or Lust would be the easiest choices, but really, Wrath has gotten him into the legal quagmire he now has to try and get himself out of. Or at least try and diminish the legal assfucking awaiting him in 2022.

Sam Losco

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Mar 5, 2018
It'd be faster to list any of the seven sins he's not guilty of:


Ok I'll play.

1. Wrath - Every single goddamn time he blows up on stream. To include the latest one about if you haven't given him money and are complaining about the show, fuck off.
2. Pride - "best in this sector" nobody would be anything if he hadn't made them.
3. Sloth - Look at him. Every time he does IRL, he's huffing and puffing within 5 minutes. His body shape is that of someone that just sits in a chair when they aren't asleep in a bed. Skinny chicken legs and a saggy stomach that hides his crotch.
4. Greed - Never paid Andy. Never paid any of his cohosts except, allegedly, Gator.
5. Lust - See: Nora's dildo, Ade, Faith, and Meigh, and now likely Alice. Oh, and jcaeser "God I love her pussy!"
6. Envy - as others have stated, his obvious butthurt over Rekieta blowing him out and pissing on him so much with his Rittenhouse coverage that Odysee was openly sucking Rekieta's dick and begging him for viewers which then crashed their shitty little platform.
7. Gluttony - :gunt:
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Aug 13, 2016
  • Wrath
    • Holy shit where do I start? There was Null's corn joke that prompted Ralph to launch a white trash fatwah against Kiwi Farms (which so far has resulted in him making the infamous "Josh Moon is a kid diddler" hat). He also leaked the infamous Corn Harvest video because Faith's meth dealing ex boyfriend said she and Ralph never fucked, which resulted in him cutting a deal with a prosecutor saying he wouldn't be prosecuted if he would stay out of trouble and abide by a restraining order Faith had against him. Then he got back into trouble by saying "Faith had a loose pussy", which is going to land him and his waterbed of a gunt in jail. He also barged into Digibro's house and started a fist fight with him as a result of Digibro saying he was 5'1". But those are only a few notable cases of him lashing out in anger.
  • Pride
    • In Ralph's case, pride and wrath could be combined into one sin. Insulting Ralph's pride is the quickest way to invoke his wrath. But the biggest example of the two coming together would be his reaction to people making fun of him for sharting during his 24 hour Fuck Trovo livestream. Not only did he brag that he could make thousands of dollars taking a shit in his studio, he got into a slap fight with Nick Rekeita where he revealed that he had hired Rekeita to give him legal advice on how to deal with the revenge porn case. This was an especially stupid thing for him to do as Nick was bound by attorney-client privilege not to discuss what he and Ralph talked about (Nick faced a lot of accusations of gunt guarding as a result of him honoring that privilege).
  • Sloth
    • What time is it?
    • It's 9 o clock
    • ...In the mornan?
  • Greed
    • He takes multiple trips to Las Vegas so he can gamble on sports games in the MGM Grand. Meanwhile he leaves his pregnant fiancé at home and he shamelessly begged for money on a Christian crowdfunding website so he could have his name put on Xander's birth certificate. Whether or not a dime of that money goes towards the care of his son is yet to be seen but I wouldn't take the odds of him doing it to a bookie.
  • Lust
    • His adultery ended his relationship with Nora which in turned led him to cheating on more women and getting two of them pregnant in the process. His latest conquest was stealing a horse faced pedo chick (May) from an even bigger pedo (Digibro). If the rumors are to be believed, he's already cheated on her with another woman (Love is a 4 letter word) and he tried hooking with the nastiest IP2 skank he could find. So far the IP2 guys have succeeded in gunt-blocking him.
  • Envy
    • He's jealous of anyone who has a bigger dick than him. And if the Corn Harvest video is anything to go by, that includes anyone who doesn't have a medical micro-penis.
  • Gluttony
    • If you made a Pac Man game where you had to run around a maze gobbling up bottles of Maker's Mark and Xanax tablets, you'd perfectly describe Ethan Ralph's life. He's so fat that his gunt looks like a giant front ass.
Edit: I have a question. What sin would his child porn escapades fall under? I almost wanted to file it under lust and be done with it. But the fact that he and Warski infiltrated a child porn ring, downloaded child porn, edited it so they could show it on stream, and bragged about it to the point where it tipped off members of that ring makes me wonder if this belongs in a category of its own.
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I'm sorry. It had to be this way.
Aug 13, 2018
I'm glad someone finally made this thread, been looking forward to this for several months!

Also, the poll so far is right. Pride, closely followed by Gluttony.

Ralph's biggest problem is ego. It's what drives his Wrath (usually, anger at some slight, e.g. wounded Pride)

Then you've got the Gluttony, not merely in terms of obesity, but also wanton consumption of booze and drugs. And frankly, I think the Gluttony influences the Lust. Just think how pig-like the HOOFing of FaiFai's bunghole was. That goes beyond merely wanting sex, to the special hedonism of enjoying undesirable shit (pun intended).

Realistically speaking, I've always maintained that Ralph exemplifies all seven, but I believe if you really think about it, his behavior related to five of the Sins can be traced to the other two, but especially Pride.