The Silicon Valley Technocracy - How your daily life will be controlled and monitored by your benevolent corporate overlords.

You wake up at 6 AM when your iphone alarm goes off. The iphone reports to the database that you have picked it up via its onboard motion sensor. An advertizement for 10% off your next coffee at 711 appears as the phone boots up, along with text messages your friends had sent last night.

Over some cereal, you ask Alexa if you had any prior plans for the day. Alexa comments that you have a Dental appointment scheduled for 3 PM. You had forgotten about that, good thing you loaded that info onto the cloud. Better tell your boss you plan on leaving work early. An ad for Dental Floss appears in your SMS feed. Irritating, you idly consider turning it off, but doing so would add an extra 25 bucks a month to your phone plan. Not worth the hassle.

You quickly get dressed, and tell Alexa to turn off the Air Conditioning in the house as you leave. You don't want to get another angry letter from the municipal government about wasting energy. They demanded 150 bucks to pay for their "carbon offset", whatever the fuck that is.

You get to your car, a 2030 Ford Focus. You insert your finger into the biometric reader, and the onboard computer automatically confirms your identity. It takes a few seconds though as it needs to double check with Fords biometric database where all your info got stored after buying the car. After a short debate, you choose to sit in the front seat. It doesn't really matter which seat you pick to be honest, there are no pedals or a steering wheel in the vehicle. After programing your destination (the nearby 7-11) the car obligingly starts up, and after prompting you for what navigation software to use you select Google Maps. You have their prime membership which means the car is able to drive 10 MPH faster on average. With the route now set the car drives over to the 711. In the past people would operate the vehicle themselves but this led to countless needless accidents. The modern driverless cars are much more secure and safe.

At the 7-11, you go to purchase that coffee you had gotten the ad for earlier. Some old dude was yelling at the automated register as you were walking in, and you realize he's on the phone with the stores manager (who also is probably managing 7 other stores in the city from his office downtown). Apparently he wants to pay with cash. He must be going senile. People haven't used cash in over a decade. Pouring yourself some coffee, you barely even notice the cameras watching for potential shoplifting. A smart sensor in the pot registers how much you had poured and obligingly prints a ticket. You take the ticket over the register, and after scanning it you pay with your iPhones apple pay in order to get the discount. Cash was a thing of the past too. It could get lost, stolen, or be used for illegal drugs. Having money run exclusively through payment processors is much more secure and safe.

Back in your car, you browse through Google News. Apparently some people running a dark web website dedicated to propagating hate speech had been arrested. Course that wasn't what they were arrested for. Feds decided that using VPN to bypass the biometric locks on the internet constituted "wire fraud" or something. You never understood the appeal of trying to be anonymous online. Some of the elderly like the guy at the 711 reminisce about it from time to time. A quick scan of the rest of the news shows nothing more interesting of note beyond sports and celebrity gossip.

You arrive at work, and after sitting down at your desk you insert you internet CAC card into the e reader. The touch screen lights up with a palm print on the screen and after pressing your hand to it and doing a retina scan with the camera the computer obligingly turns on and connects to the internet. Apparently in the past people used "passwords" to access their computers, but those archaic days are gone and things are much more secure and safe.

Your job is pretty simple. You are a moderator for CNN's discussion boards. Your coworkers are also moderators, though for various other companies. Contract work. Ugh. Its all pretty banal though. One person seemed to have lost their marbles and had made an expletive filled rant about "fake news". After checking the users biometric data and bringing up their address and phone number, you delete their post and foreword the incident to CNN's legal department. They may or may not choose to sue the dude for breaking their terms of service on hateful speech. At a minimum their ISP may put an "inconvenience" surcharge into their next monthly bill. All too the good, that surcharge helps pay for your job after all. The dude better be careful though, too many more incidents like that and the costs of using the internet (and everything is connected to the internet these days) would only go up as the fees pile on. Its why criminals keep trying to skirt around it by using VPN's and fake biometric data after all. Thankfully the FBI works overtime to make sure those people are dealt with. You shoot a quick e-mail to your boss letting him know you are heading out early. He may or may not read it. Its 9 PM in London after all.

Back in your car you head over to the dentist. Its your standard doctors office, with beige walls and a bored receptionist. After paying her with your apple pay you go into the next room and sit down in the dental chair. A female electronic voice urges you to open your mouth wide as the chair hums to life and robotic arms extend out. The chair proceeds with the cleaning. In the past there were people who actually trained to do basic medical stuff like this, but the expense of using real people meant not everyone could get medical services. Thankfully computers and robotics have gotten to the point where even complex surgeries can be done automatically, making medicine in general much cheaper and safe. You always make sure to go to a Dentist that uses Apple software though. You get a discount through your Apple pay, and you swear it doesn't hurt as much as Google operated machines.

With the procedure over you get back into your car and start driving home. You receive a text message from your fridge that the tard cum had gone sour and that a new bottle was being sent by Amazon Prime. Strange. You had gotten the tard cum only yesterday. A paranoid part of your brain comments that the Agriculture Department is unhappy with the current price of tard cum and was doing a dumping of excess product. You quickly banish that thought from your head. Don't want to even think such things, let alone say it out loud. The car might be listening and the last thing you need is your next trip to cost an extra 50 bucks. Better to just think safe thoughts. Keep thinking secure and safe. You smile a bit remembering kindergarten. The teachers just loved that phrase.

Your car parks by your house, and after pressing your finger to the scanner of your Skybell Smart Doorbell, the door obligingly unlocks. Alexa welcomes you home and comments that the Amazon delivery man had been inside to replace the tard cum and no problems were detected in his brief visit. She helpfully offers to show you the video footage of his stay on your smart TV if you like, but you decline. If there had been any trouble the cameras in the house would have picked it up no problem. You pour yourself a glass of tard cum and after a brief debate ask Alexa to order you a Pizza and bill it to your Amazon account. It arrives within 20 minutes by drone on your front doorstep. You sit in a corner away from the cameras and eat the entire thing. Last thing you need is for Alexa to see you overeating and notifying your health insurance. Your next copay would suck otherwise.

With the day done you take a shower, dress in your comfy pajamas and lie down to go to sleep. You idly flip through tinder on your phone, seeing if the algorithm had producd any good matches you could pursue. Its such a hassle though. So much paperwork to sign before you can go on a date. You idly wonder if its worth the trouble. You curl up in the fetal position under the blankets and go to sleep. Secure and safe.
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Marshall Brain, the guy who created How Stuff Works, wrote a good book about stuff like this. It's a pretty quick and easy read. Especially in light of real news stories like this one. It's scary though to read the first chapters are realize how realistic and likely it all is and then it's almost hilarious to read the last half when the narrator goes to tech-utopia and see how fantastic and improbable a good future would be.

Been reading some 1984 have we?
Not in awhile but it's definitely a reference. A society like INGSOC could never work though. I much prefer brave new worlds tyranny of good intentions to orwells naked fist style tyranny. My musings here channel that as much as Orwell. And what is so strange is after I had word vomited this onto the farms it seems to me the future of the nameless protagonist here is not so far fetched.

I may actually flesh this out a bit in the future into an actual short story.
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Jokes on you.
I'm still using my Motorola Razr v3 so they cant spy on me.
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Amazon no longer stock Shakespeare because it contains hate speech. There are no other book sellers. And unlike in Brave New World, in this dystopia the savages come to you.
It’s gonna be like the book of eli except instead of the denzel washington and the bible it’ll be me carrying taming of the shrew.
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I've also heard this Silicon Valley technocracy was a plan by the elite to bypass the "pesky Bill of Rights" or similar laws, and control the hiveminded public to prevent challenges of power. The theory goes that since corporations are private entities, the plan was to allow (or even assist) them control over telecommunications. As private entities, corporations can legally enact draconian policies that would be violations of the Bill of Rights and similar laws if they were government.
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Actually my favourite tech dystopian comment is from, of all places, the Dune books.

"I offered to buy Tleilaxu eyes for him from your masters," Farok said. "But there's a story in the legions that Tleilaxu eyes enslave their users. My son told me that such eyes are metal and he is flesh, that such a union must be sinful."


"Who knows what bondage goes with metal eyes?" Paul asked.
So there are replacement eyes for the blind but people think they enslave their users in some subtle way.


Actually my favourite tech dystopian comment is from, of all places, the Dune books.

So there are replacement eyes for the blind but people think they enslave their users in some subtle way.


Not an unfounded fear either. The metal eyes are not your own. They belong to the ones who made them. This means that you will only ever see what the eyes makers want you to see. A terrible power to give to someone else.

Dune is actually fascinating and people really dont give it enough credit for its subtle foreshadowing of what's going on now. The events in the book play out long after the cataclysms that birthed their world and just take it for granted that they have to do math without calculators and rely on drug addicts in tanks using space magic to do complex interstellar navigation.

But the actual subtext of the Butlerian Jihad was not a war against skynet, it was a war against Apple, Google, Amazon and their employees. The issue wasn't the "thinking machines", it was the men who controlled the thinking machines. They directed human society to a place where their machines did all the thinking for the humans and as consequence rendered all of humanity their slaves. The machines were simply the tools of the men who made them. The whole society also is living in a digital dark age as all the histories and art of the time "pre-jihad" was kept on computers and when all the computers were destroyed the knowledge was lost. Only what people remembered in their own minds remained.

I thought that was a nice touch.

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