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If you really had to who would you sex?

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do note that that song was written by the gayest man in history
Hate to Queen sperg on you but Freddie didn't write Fat-Bottomed Girls, Brian May (the guitarist) did. In fact, if you go through Queen's discography you'll notice Freddie basically didn't write any of the songs that specifically mention relationships with women. Because he was gay, probably. He did write about some of his (gay) relationships though, ie. Jealousy.

Liberace wrote it? Also, pretty sure Freddy was bi.

Sorry for going off topic.
His bandmates say he was bi, but his wife (who was his best friend and knew him better than anyone) said he was definitely gay so I generally accept her word on it.

Okay, back on topic. Sorry.

I can't help but feel bad for anyone in that condition, even if it's 100% self-imposed.

That said, I died a little inside when the lady in the background was shown doing what I can only describe as stuffing her face, then wiped her face on her shirt... and then, after a minute, said she was embarassed because she OFFERED A SHOUTOUT. Not because she was stuffing her face on cam, or because she was caught using her shirt as a serviette on screen, or because of the mess. Because she spoke up and offered a shout out. I kind of noped out after that.


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I can't help but feel bad for anyone in that condition, even if it's 100% self-imposed.
Yea, a beer belly is one thing, but this is no different self destruction than crack. It's sad, and enraging at the same time.
Oh, and thanks for the Queen info.
Surely no dude out there is stupid enough to want to hook up with those ugly hambeasts right? Right!?
Now you mention it... I'm wondering should we have a thread for feeder fetish?
Guys who would get a boner watching them order two of everything from pizza hut is about as scary as humorous.